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On the Futurity Works SoundCloud (which has loads of other cool DRL related stuff too) there is an almost 20 minute segment of the Dopplereffekt Neutrino show, which is all new material. Also short segments of the lectures are there as well. two The below text can also be read there. I'm told it was professionally filmed and a website will be built to tie in with all of this soon. For now they have put up a Facebook page for what they call, Neutrino Programme, some text from it below. Some fan videos of it are up now too. I guess we can expect more of these shows then, maybe an album?

Futurity SoundCloud text
This is a segment from the premiere performance of the Neutrino project at AND Festival, Liverpool on September 30th, 2011.

Neutrino is Dopplereffekt, Albert van Abbe (visual artist), Zazralt Magic (scientist) and Katarina Markovic (scientist).

Astrophysics event presentation, a synthesis of music/visual data modes and natural philosophy. The program consists of 2 modules:

Module 1 is academic in nature in the form of lecturers (scientists) expounding on specific topics related to stellar and galaxy
formations and properties. These are designed to give the audience an entry level insight into astrophysical concepts.

Module 2 is a music/visual data presentation relative to the theme, performed by Dopplereffekt. Music data will be experimental in nature.
In module 1 the lecturers will also be performers in the sense that they will be immersed sonically as well as optically/visually. The lecture presentationsaims to escape classical methods of presenting ideas and concepts. It will be accompanied by music data and visual data in real time synchronization with the lecturer.

The lecture component will allow each presenter 45 minutes to present their respective concept.
There will be 1 music/visual data presentation (by Dopplereffekt). The music/visual data set will be 60 minutes in length.

Neutrino Programme Facebook Text

The Neutrino Programme's aim is to display astrophysical content in an audio-visual artistic framework, in order to combine the approaches of scientific and artistic expression.

The neutrino programme is a collaboration of art and science.

Description Technical Design Group:
- Albert Van Abbe
- Katarina Markovic
- Zazralt Magic
- Heinrich Mueller
- To Nhan

Mission Neutrino is a project designed to combine the transfer of astrophysical knowledge with audio-visual creations into a combined scientific and artistic expression. Its aim is to immerse the observer sonically, visually and intellectually in the physics of the Universe.

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