Thursday, April 14, 2022

All known Heinrich Mueller interviews to date and more

I thought it was well overdue to compile links to read all the Heinrich Mueller interviews I am aware of. There have been 13 so far, two of which included Michaela To-Nhan Le Thi as well. As you can see from the list, I've also included interviews with other collaborators for projects he was directly involved with (eg. Black Replica, Zwischenwelt and Zerkalo). If you notice that I've missed any please do let me know. I will continue to update this post as new and old interviews come to light. 

Arpanet interview by John Osselaer (Techno Tourist April 2002) with Heinrich Mueller. The original should still be viewable through the Wayback Machine here.  

Arpanet interview by Koen Marien (KindaMuzik July 2002) with Heinrich Mueller

Der Zyklus interview by Andrea Benedetti (Superfly 2004) with Heinrich Mueller

Der Zyklus interview by Pawel Gzyl (Gaz-Eta 2004) with Heinrich Mueller

Arpanet interview (Chronic'art July 2006) with Heinrich Mueller

Black Replica interview by Pawel Gzyl (Gaz-Eta 2007) with Black Replica

Dopplereffekt interview by Derek Walmsley (The Wire Feb 2009/Publ Oct 2009) with Heinrich Mueller & Michaela To-Nhan Le Thi This is behind a paywall

Zwischenwelt interview by Derek Walmsley (Resonance FM April 2010) with Susana Correia (Part one & part two) (Audio)

Dopplereffekt interview (Red Bull Music Academy Radio Fireside Chat series August 2010) with Heinrich Muller (Audio) You can find some of the interview in text form here.

Zerkalo interview by Kiran Sande (Fact Magazine April 2010) with Victoria Lukas

Zerkalo interview by Tamash Kestawitz (Cynetart Nov 2010) with Victoria Lukas

Zwischenwelt interview in Resident Advisor (March 2011) with Heinrich Mueller & Penelope Martin

Zwischenwelt interview by Thomas Corlin (Hartzine June 2011) with Heinrich Mueller & Beta Evers

Drexciya subject of interview by Florian Sievers (Groove May 2012) with Heinrich Mueller 

Dopplereffekt interview by A.J. Samuels (Electronic Beats Winter 2012) with Heinrich Mueller

Short Dopplereffekt interview by Clemency Burton-Hill (Financial Times Oct 2013) with Heinrich Mueller

Dopplereffekt interview by Joe Muggs (Resident Advisor Feb 2014) with Heinrich Mueller & Michaela To Nhan-Thi

Dopplereffekt interview by Oliver Clasper (Boom Nov 2014) with Heinrich Mueller & Michaela To Nhan-Thi


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