Sunday, February 13, 2022

One-off collaborations featuring Heinrich Mueller (2013 - 2021)

There is an ever growing number of collaborations with Heinrich Mueller/Dopplereffekt which don't fit into his remix/remodel work (full up to date list of those here) so I thought it was time to make a list to keep track of them and hopefully bring this music to more people's attention. It might be a little confusing as he has collaborated so often but what I am focusing on here tend to be a one-off single track or one time only projects. You can find his usually more long lived group orientated collaborative projects at this discography link (eg. Black Replica, Zerkalo, Gedankenexperiment, Dark Body Parameter etc) but there is some overlap for sure. I just think these listed tracks have fallen through the cracks of categorisation a bit and deserve to be more widely known.

The way this list is designed to work is if you click on the first line you will be brought to the track audio and info about the release itself is included underneath. I will continue to update this post, please let me know if I've missed anything.

Visonia - 'Die Reisen' (with Dopplereeffekt) (Last Known Trajectory Records 2013)


Project STS-31 - 'Spiralgalaxie' (Heinrich Mueller & Robert Witschakowski) (Solar One Music 2016)

Project STS-31 - '50000 Light Years Away'

Project STS-31 - 'Density Waves'

Project STS -31 - 'The Supermassive Black Hole'


The Exaltics & Rudolf Klorzeiger - '00045​.​00​.​2​.​6' (Solar One Music 2017)

Beta Evers & Heinrich Mueller 'Innerhalb Der Zeit' (Peripheral Minimal 2017)


Kasra V  - 'Atropa Belladonna' (with Dopplereffekt) (Firehouse 2018)


The Exaltics - '00044​.​00​.​1​.​5' (in cooperation with Rudolf Klorzeiger) (Solar One Music 2018)


The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller – Dimensional Shifting (Solar One Music 2020)

K1 - 'Star Gazing' (featuring Dopplereffekt) (Puzzlebox Records 2021)

K1 - 'Telescope Array' (featuring Dopplereffekt)



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