Monday, November 14, 2022

Harnessed The Storm reissue, Der Zyklus remix Tiga, Abstract Thought info and more

Tresor Berlin have revealed the new artwork and are now taking orders for Drexciya's Harnessed The Storm (orig rel. 2001). They also have the accompanying 12" Digital Tsunami available as well (both can be found at their Bandcamp). The album is available on digital, CD, regular double vinyl and limited white vinyl too (out on 11th Nov). The new artwork for all of these Tresor reissues has been designed by Matthew Angelo Harrison.

Arpanet have a live show confirmed for Newcastle on 3rd Feb 2023.

Heinrich Mueller is one of the collaborators (electronics) on No. 5, the latest album by Christina Vantzou. It's available on LP, CD and digital. She is also a member of Daughter Produkt and collaborated on a track on the new Dopplereffekt album.  Bandcamp link here.

There is a new Der Zyklus remix of 'Easy' by Tiga. You can get it on digital and a 12" of remixes on Turbo Recordings (stream here) . Tiga said this about it on his Instagram.  

'This is why I have a record label. For this feeling. You fall in love with an artist. You dream of one day working with them. Just somehow getting close to their sound, finding a way to combine your visions or just hang out. Either one will do. In this case, the artist was Gerald Donald aka Der Zyklus, aka one half of Dopplereffekt and Drexciya and Arpanet. Nobody is more foundational and inspirational to what we all do. It simply does not get more legit. Or more mysterious/elusive/harder to reach. Specifically I don’t even think I would make the music I make without hearing records like “pornoactress”. THEN…. The real thrill of the conversation, the back and forth, the real A&R of starting with “holy shit imagine a Der Zyklus mix of Easy” and then GETTING exactly what you dreamed of….. the absolute funkiest, dopest, zero bullshit, godfather, ground zero electro funk track. GAME OVER. None more badass. Thanks G. Out now on turbo. Link in bio. The saga continues 24years deep. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ t'

One of my readers kindly sent me a pic of a note attached to what seems to be a promo copy of Hypothetical Situations (2003) by Abstract Thought on Kombination Research (from their own collection). The text was probably written by Cisco Ferreira of The Advent who runs the label or perhaps the distributor. I have never seen it before but there was a white label sent out a few months before the album was actually released. This is one of Drexciya's Storm series and has never been re-pressed and is of course most highly sought after. Nice to have this additional message archived anyway.  

'Important: Please try to respect that the members of "Abstract Thought" are not willing to be profiled in a feature because they want their music to be the centre of interest. Nevertheless, articles about the Detroit electro scene in general or reviews of the album "Hypothetical Situations" are welcome. Thanks'

Following on from the above, when I posted this on the DRL FB page Cisco Ferreira left this comment.

'Thanks for the Post. We treated this release with the upmost respect. And only did a 2000 unit limited run. So anyone who has this in their collection 👏🏻👏🏻, Kombination Research (KR) was originally a label I started to releases only my The Advent solo music, I became very good friends with Drexciya over the 90’s and my KR B-sides were very much Drex Influenced. This ‘hypothetical Situations’ project was a complete honour when I received the Demo for release. Recently during the pandemic I was approached to maybe re releases this from last remaining Drexicyian, but unfortunately the master DATs are completely destroyed with Tape erosion....The CD’s were all in MP3 format, This was an early time in digital that MP3 were mostly used instead of WAV files at CD pressing plants.'

"I talked to them (Drexciya), we argued about some things. One of their first pieces, I think it was Glass Domain, I was telling them the count from the beginning of the song wasn't even. You know, it didn't come in on like an eight or even a 16, it came in on like a five or a seven." 

Archived from a DJ Stingray 313 interview with Derek Walmsley in The Wire (April 2010). He could only be talking about 'Shatter Prone' (1991), which just seems to jump into life mid bar and continues to rip along in the same fashion.

I made a Dopplereffekt special for Dublin Digital Radio. It concentrates on their music post Gesamtkunswerk (1999) as this is when they radically changed their sound. There's an introduction by me at the start and then it's a mix of my favourite music up to their latest album.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

UR/Tresor Drexciya faxes archived

In July and August this year Tresor staged an exhibition in Berlin to mark 31 years of the legendary and ground breaking label and club. The exhibits featured two historic faxes sent by UR to Tresor regarding Drexciya. I was kindly sent the images by a fan and am not sure if they have already been shared by others online but now that the exhibition is over I thought it would be okay to archive them here.

 As you can see Mike Banks was writing to let Carola Stoiber at Tresor know that Drexciya were reunited after their hiatus/break in late '95 (this break was only made known with the release of The Quest in '97). It's interesting to note the date of the first fax was 12th January 1999 as Neptune's Lair was released by Tresor in November '99. It's also interesting that even at this stage they were offering a multi-album deal. The 'Storm Series' is not mentioned but it might already have been in James' mind. We don't know if Tresor signed just NL first or went ahead and did the multi deal. Regardless, Tresor would release multiple albums in the coming years, including Drexciya's Harnessed The Storm, the first Transllusion album and the Shifted Phases album along with 12" EPs from all of these albums. I love the excitement evident in Mike's message and even in the writing and exclamation points of Carola's response.

The second fax is more detailed and obviously in response to the first (or Tresor's follow-up with details of the deal) and again Mike is writing and even appears to be seated with James Stinson at the time. Again the language Mike uses is infectiously enthusiastic. It's interesting to note that even at this early stage they had the artist in mind for the artwork (Abdul Haqq). The British based labels Mike mentions could be Rephlex and Warp but whatever issues James had with them must have been resolved as both he and Gerald Donald would go on to work with both again (Transllusion, The Other People Place, Dopplereffekt, Arpanet etc). Unless he is referring to UK labels that licenced a track for a compilation or something?

When Carola Stoiber was interviewed by Red Bull Music Academy in 2018 she spoke about travelling to Detroit and meeting James at Belle Isle Park. If this was still concerning Neptune's Lair the visit must have happened later on in 1999 or if it concerned the multi-album deal it could have been the following year or later. 

It's great to see these faxes and to get a sense of the times and how they returned as Drexciya.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Drexciya Day 2022, Dopplereffekt Recomposite and James Stinson tribute by Scape One

Drexciya Day Events

Manchester 3rd September

Helsinki 3rd September

Humpty Records Saarbrücken, Germany 3rd September

Spin Beer & Record Shop, Rome, Italy 3rd September 

The 20th anniversary of James Stinson's death will be in less than a months time, 3rd September. Since 2017 fans around the world have been celebrating his music on or around this date on what has become known as 'Drexciya Day'. 

As ever there is no pressure from DRL as this concept originally happened spontaneously and I simply remind people about it and promote whatever anyone feels like doing that year. Previously fans have organised DJ nights, radio shows and online events.

If anyone wants to organise something please let me know and I will be very happy to share it. Email or contact me through the DRL FB page with an FB event link or whatever. Please use #drexciyaday2022 for your events. Thanks

The only confirmed event I'm aware of so far will be happening at Manchester's Eastern Bloc Records on 3rd September. They have an amazing line-up and it also ties in with two artists (All Trades and Prieste5s) being commissioned by Brighter Sound to produce new music. I will add any new event into this post.

There is what is called a 'Dopplereffekt Recomposite' of 'Cameo', the new single by Kavinsky. It's almost a conventional remix in that the vocal is very much intact but the music is very Dopplereffekt. It doesn't seem to be available on vinyl but can be streamed and downloaded at this link and others. Kavinsky is label-mates with Arpanet on Record Makers and back in 2006 Arpanet reworked 'Nightdrive'.

One of my readers pointed out an early tribute to James Stinson by Scape One aka Kurt Baggaley. You will find the rather beautiful 'The Light Of Other Days (Atlantis) (For James)' on his 2003 Planet Funk Express: Journeys 3 & 4 12" for Electrix. You can listen on YouTube here.

As ever keep an eye on Resident Advisor for the latest Dopplereffekt live dates (six at this time).. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tresor launch Drexciya reissue campaign with new artwork, including Shifted Phases and Transllusion

Tresor Records are beginning a Drexciya reissue campaign. The first release will be Neptune's Lair on double LP, double clear vinyl LP and CD. You can pre-order it now on Bandcamp, it will be available on or around 2nd September. They have commissioned Detroit artist Matthew Angelo Harrison to make new artwork for it. 

After this they will also be releasing Hydro Doorways 12" EP, Drexciya's Harnessed The Storm and Digital Tsunami, Transllusion's The Opening of the Cerebral Gate and Shifted Phases' The Cosmic Memoirs of the Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthorpe. They will all have new artwork by Harrison too. This will be the first time the Shifted Phases album will be available since it was first released in 2002. 

'Tresor Records is proud to announce forthcoming special editions of its entire catalogue of Drexciya and related projects. 

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the passing of James Stinson and the releases of the Transllusion and Shifted Phases albums. In recognition, the rightsholders, their families, and the label have commissioned Detroit-based contemporary artist Matthew Angelo Harrison to re-conceptualize the covers of Tresor's Drexciya-related catalogue. These editions will be released sequentially, bimonthly, starting early-September 2022.'

Dopplereffekt have a new live show conformed as part iof Tresor 31, a two month festival in Berlin. They play in Globus on Sat 13th August.

Avina Vishnu's DJ set for Belgiums's Meakusma show on Studio Neau radio is available now at this link. It's a great set and seems to be a mixture of their music, other Mueller projects like NRSB-11 and maybe various artists. 

One of my readers kindly let me know that Sean Booth of Autechre briefly talked about Drexciya in a recent 'Ask Me Anything' online video. He's talking about how some of Autechre's early music would be rejected by Warp and it took two years before their debut Incunabula (1993) was compiled from what was accepted. This section starts at 1hr 28min 50sec.

"I remember at the time, just after Drexciya 2 (1993) came out...and that was the first Drexciya record I'd heard so I went to Rob Mitchell (RIP) at Warp and said, have you heard this Drexciya shit it's fucking fire, it's like amazing, you need to sign them. I don't know where they are or anything about them...and he was like, no, it's too retro. And that was like the problem, a lot of the Warp tape stuff (Autechre's early music), it was like, yeah it's good but it just sounds a bit old." 

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Arpanet Quantum Transposition re-press, Der Zyklus remodel, Drexciya lesson plan and more

Clone Records are re-pressing and re-mastering Arpanet's Quantum Transposition (2005). It will be on double vinyl and there is a new unreleased track too. It was previously available on Rephlex Records but has been out of press since then. This is another incredible album, you can sample all the tracks and pre-order at this link. It's due about 1st July.

There is a Der Zyklus remodel on Marija Jovanovic's new remix release on Third Ear Recordings. It's available on Bandcamp along with a solo remix by Elena Sizova of DZ too. The remixes come from Jovanovic's 2019 EP Delicate Minds.

Another re-press/re-stock has gone under the radar, if you missed out on the vinyl edition of Dopplereffekt's Cellular Automata (2017) on Leisure System it's available again on the Bandcamp page with no quantity restrictions (eg. 1 remaining) so maybe it's a re-press? Awhile back they also pressed it on CD for the first time as well and that is still available too. The vinyl and CD copies of Dopplereffekt's latest album Neurotelepathy are also out on 10th June. 

Through Resident Advisor you can check out Dopplereffekt's latest upcoming live shows here (3 at this time). 

John R. Eperjesi, who recently published an academic paper, 'Drexciya’s Bubble Metropolis and Blue Cultural Studies' has created a Drexciya based lesson plan for teachers. You can read 'Drexciya and Our Ocean Planet' and read the Teacher's Guide here

The Wonky Angle has done a deep dive on Gerald Donald, from Drexciya right up to the latest Dopplereffekt album. Great to find he is a fan, well worth a watch

There is a new all vinyl Drexciya themed mix by DJ and producer Niall Power with visuals by Francesca Bonci. It went out as part of the Mindframe series on deepspaceradio in April. A lovely mix with some incredible visuals.

Lastly, I wonder if Detroit Police's Underwater Recovery Team listen to Drexciya? 

Monday, April 25, 2022

Drexciya commission, Dopplereffekt radio show and more

To tie-in with Drexciya Day 2022 (which will be the 20th anniversary of James Stinson's death) Brighter Sound are 'commissioning two artists, one from the North of England, and one from the USA, to collaborate and produce new music reflecting on the legacy of Detroit electro-techno duo Drexciya'. The deadline is 15th May.

There is a £2000 prize for the selected work which will be performed live on Drexciya Day (3rd September) during an event at Manchester's Eastern Bloc.

This is also a good time to remind fans who are interest in organising their own Drexciya Day events to start thinking about it. As usual I will be happy to share them here to spread the word. Drexciya Day is on and around 3rd September.

Avina Vishnu (Aina & Heinrich Mueller) are playing a very rare gig in Belgium on 5th June (it may even be their first ever live show).

Dopplereffekt's new album Neurotelepathy is now available for digital download from Bandcamp, vinyl and CD from 10th June. More info about them below. 

There is a new Instagram account for Mirovaya Liniya (Julia Pello & Heinrich Mueller) with some new artwork.

John R. Eperjesi has just published an academic paper, 'Drexciya’s Bubble Metropolis and Blue Cultural Studies' in the University of California's Journal of Popular Music Studies. He sent me a copy and I must say he has some fresh analysis, has brought their environmental concerns to the fore and even got to grips with their complex origin mythology. It is accessible and well worth reading by all fans of Drexciya for sure. 

The Feb/March issue of France's Gonzaï magazine is a special on Afrofuturism. There is a piece on Drexciya by Ruddy Guilman and this very cool illustration by Olivier Laude. It seems to be only available as a hardcopy from this link (it's also written in French). I did an interview for it back in January so it's nice to see it available.

"Dopplereffekt is Gerald Donald. Gerald's a very interesting character. I've known this guy since he was a little punk. He used to come to my house and play my music—or play his music, which was crazier back then than any of this stuff. He would try anything. He pushed buttons. That was great about Gerald. He's a huge Kraftwerk fan, a huge Juan Atkins fan. He's also had another group [with James Stinson] called Drexciya."

Carl Craig selects Dopplereffekt's Linear Accelerator for this excellent 2021 piece about the 30th anniversary of Planet E. His label also released music from Donald and Brendan M Gillen's Flexitone in the mid '90s.

"Yeah, it’s such a shame he’s not here anymore (James Stinson). I always wonder what music he might be making if he was still around today. I discovered Drexciya’s music just from hanging out at Rubadub, everyone there was always going on about them. They held them in such high esteem that you just get sucked into it that way. I think this Transllusion album, Neptune’s Lair and Lab Rat XL’s Mice or Cyborg are my favourite Drexciya records. I picked the Transllusion album because of ‘Dimensional Glide’, which was a direct influence on ‘I’m For Real’, the track I did with Nightwave for the album. Doing at the Art School and [Paisley venue] Club 69, and hanging out at loads of afterparties in Glasgow, Drexciya’s music was always essential."

Glasgow's Konx-om-Pax selects Transllusion's The Opening of the Cerebral Gate for this 2019 piece for The Quietus.

Dopplereffekt were on Bristols's Noods Radio and are taking part in a three month residency there so expect more to follow. So far they have made a mix show called Hydrogen Pulsar which has now been archived, in case it disappears the track-list is below. You can find the latest Dopplereffekt live shows at this link. Nothing scheduled for Arpanet right now but Dopplereffekt's next show is in Cologne on 29th April (more at link). 

Grand River - Canopies

JakoJako - Neogenese

Mirovaya Liniya - Book II Definitions V + VI

Dopplereffekt -Cerebral Data Download 2100 A.D

Bjork-Pagen Poetry

Goldfrapp - Human

Jeff Mills - Silence

Jeff Mills - Transformation A

X-101 - The Flyby

Monic - What Lies Behind Us

Jeff Mills-Revolt

Dopplereffekt -Cerebral to Cerebral Interface

Dopplereffekt -Neutron Impulse Acutator

JakoJako - Viridis

Thursday, April 14, 2022

All known Heinrich Mueller interviews to date and more

I thought it was well overdue to compile links to read all the Heinrich Mueller interviews I am aware of. There have been 13 so far, two of which included Michaela To-Nhan Le Thi as well. As you can see from the list, I've also included interviews with other collaborators for projects he was directly involved with (eg. Black Replica, Zwischenwelt and Zerkalo). If you notice that I've missed any please do let me know. I will continue to update this post as new and old interviews come to light. 

Arpanet interview by John Osselaer (Techno Tourist April 2002) with Heinrich Mueller. The original should still be viewable through the Wayback Machine here.  

Arpanet interview by Koen Marien (KindaMuzik July 2002) with Heinrich Mueller

Der Zyklus interview by Andrea Benedetti (Superfly 2004) with Heinrich Mueller

Der Zyklus interview by Pawel Gzyl (Gaz-Eta 2004) with Heinrich Mueller

Arpanet interview (Chronic'art July 2006) with Heinrich Mueller

Black Replica interview by Pawel Gzyl (Gaz-Eta 2007) with Black Replica

Dopplereffekt interview by Derek Walmsley (The Wire Feb 2009/Publ Oct 2009) with Heinrich Mueller & Michaela To-Nhan Le Thi This is behind a paywall

Zwischenwelt interview by Derek Walmsley (Resonance FM April 2010) with Susana Correia (Part one & part two) (Audio)

Dopplereffekt interview (Red Bull Music Academy Radio Fireside Chat series August 2010) with Heinrich Muller (Audio) You can find some of the interview in text form here.

Zerkalo interview by Kiran Sande (Fact Magazine April 2010) with Victoria Lukas

Zerkalo interview by Tamash Kestawitz (Cynetart Nov 2010) with Victoria Lukas

Zwischenwelt interview by Thomas Corlin (Hartzine June 2011) with Heinrich Mueller & Beta Evers

Drexciya subject of interview by Florian Sievers (Groove May 2012) with Heinrich Mueller 

Dopplereffekt interview by A.J. Samuels (Electronic Beats Winter 2012) with Heinrich Mueller

Short Dopplereffekt interview by Clemency Burton-Hill (Financial Times Oct 2013) with Heinrich Mueller

Dopplereffekt interview by Joe Muggs (Resident Advisor Feb 2014) with Heinrich Mueller & Michaela To Nhan-Thi

Dopplereffekt interview by Oliver Clasper (Boom Nov 2014) with Heinrich Mueller & Michaela To Nhan-Thi