Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The return of Arpanet & new Transllusion 12"

There is a new/old Arpanet track, 'Einstein Ring', included on a 7" with the Electric Eclectics box on Fundamental Records. You can play the track here and pre-order here. As if that was not enough, there are two more new Arpanet tracks on a split 12", Phases EP, with two more by the Spanish producer, 30drop. This is the first new material by Heinrich Mueller under this alias since 2006. You can hear samples of all the tracks at this link, it's available from 25th June. Resident Advisor have a link to the full version of 'Main Sequence Star' here

Just to illustrate how far ahead of his time Mueller can sometimes be, 'Einstein Ring' is actually a sped up version (with a little extra production) of an unreleased track from 2006. This has been on YouTube since that time and comes from the Relativity & Time Shifting lectures, made to promote Inertial Frame.

Its been just under a month since copies of Transllusion's A Moment of Insanity 12" first went on sale in Clone's shop and now it is on general release. All four unreleased tracks can be sampled here and it can be ordered here. Clone have written a blog post about it with a picture of the actual DAT tape (below). 

There is a brilliant new 90 minute radio show from Germany that concentrates on the work of Heinrich Mueller.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Transllusion - A Moment of Insanity 12" on Clone Aqualung, Dopplereffekt on Rinse FM and more

It appears that Clone Aqualung have a new 12" by Transllusion upcoming or even out now. The EP, A Moment of Insanity, features four tracks, 'Moment 1 - 4'. I presume this is more unreleased material they have been given access to. However, there is no mention of the release on any of Clone websites. I contacted the person who submitted it to Discogs and they told me they bought it direct from Clone's shop in Rotterdam. For now that might be the only place you can purchase it. If anyone else knows more about this mysterious release please share what you know, thanks

You can download the Dopplereffekt mix from 12th May from Clone's takeover of Rinse FM here. There is no track list but he played music by Black Replica, Beta Evers and Dopplereffekt/Arpanet. It starts off with what sounds like dialogue from Dopplereffekt's Entropy show.

Between now and August there are currently five Dopplereffekt shows confirmed, check out this Resident advisor link for details. The only upcoming Arpanet show I know of is set for May 30th in Austria. Dopplereffekt will be playing in Australia on 30th June and the artwork is brilliant, I've cropped the drawing of them from it below.

Some of you will enjoy this two part article I wrote about the Dublin electronic group Decal for Abstract Analogue

Sunday, March 25, 2018

XOR Gate preview, Arpanet and Doppleffekt live dates and more

A few more details of Heinrich Mueller's album under the name XOR Gate have been leaking out. It will be single vinyl, the release date is 30th March and you can already pre-order it on a number of sites, including Juno, Deejay and Norman Records. There is a new cover image as well (maybe the previous one will be used on the back?) Track list and what might be part of Tresor's press blurb below.

A1: Circle
A2: Foci
A3: Ellipse
A4: Parabola
B1: Directrix
B2: Hyperbola
B3: Major Axis
B4: Minor Axis

'XOR Gate is the brainchild of Heinrich Mueller, one half of Drexciya and Dopplereffekt.

In linguistic or electronic logic, the XOR Gate designates a device, digital or grammatical, which outputs a value only when two inputs are fed into it. This can be summed up with the formula 'one or the other but not neither, nor both.'

A conic section is a shape created as a plane intersects a cone. This can result in different figures such as a circle, an ellipse, a parabola or a hyperbola. Conic Sections is here composed of eight themes, or shapes, over which waveform and synthesis entirely merge with human emotions. The line is blurred. These eight themes are intertwined, forming one long musical string. The line is forever blurred.

Conic Sections was commissioned by ArtCenter South Florida in Miami, for the AN IMAGE exhibit.'
In case you missed it, Victoria Lukas' new mix is now on Soundcloud, which includes exclusive XOR Gate previews.To my knowledge, this Clone shop link is currently the only place you can hear samples of all the tracks of the album. The Wire is also now streaming the entire album (30 mins) at this link.

You can now hear the full length collaborative track, '00044.00.1.5', by The Exaltics and Rudolf Klorzeiger on this great official video. Included on Das Heise Experiment 2 on Solar One Music, it's available for pre-order now from this link and will be released in June.

Dopplereffekt will be playing live at the Glitch Festival in Malta 14th -16th August. Nina Kraviz (former member of the mysterious Noether Symmetry and vocalist on a track by NRSB-11), Jeff Mills, Objekt and many more are also on the bill.  Dopplereffekt are also on the bill for Strange Sounds From Beyond festival in Amsterdam, Holland. They play on Sat 23rd June.

An Arpanet live show takes place in Barcelona, Spain on 31st of March. Arpanet will also be playing live at Intonal, an experimental music festival in Malmo, Sweden (25th-30th April). They will also play at Heart of Noise festival at Innsbruck, Austria. They are there on the 30th May but the festival runs from May 30th -3rd June and has Juan Atkins, Alec Empire, Tim Hecker, Errorsmith and many more on the bill.

This is a great piece about Ron Murphy (1948-2008) of National Sound Corporation, who cut all of the Drexciya records on Underground Resistance and many many more. A true legend of Detroit Techno and from even before that. There is also a video where he brings you through the steps to cut and make a record.

Friday, February 09, 2018

XOR Gate - Conic Sections

Gerald Donald will be releasing a new album, Conic Sections, under the name XOR Gate on Tresor on 9th March. It will be an album composed of eight themes mixed as one 30 minute track. Back in 2016 he made four pieces of music for an art exhibition in Florida, USA, under this name. I imagine these will feature on the album. You can still listen to one of them on the gallery's website here

It's great to see Muller back on Tresor and a new project too. More details at Vinyl Factory and Resident Advisor. If you want to go deeper you can read all about the XOR Gate and the Conic Section at these links.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

New Heinrich Mueller collaborative track, Dopplereffekt live dates and Drexciya tributes

There will be a new Heinrich Mueller (as Rudolf Klorzeiger) collaborative track on the upcoming album by The ExalticsDas Heise Experiment 2, on SolarOneMusic. You can listen to samples of all its tracks at this Clone link. The current date for release is 26th February.
The re-press of the Lab Rat XL album, Mice or Cyborg is now shipping from Bleep, Clone shop, Juno etc.
It's not everyday you discover a new Drexciya track! On the CD and cassette of Underground Resistance's Interstellar Fugitives (1998) there is one more track that even I was not aware of, 'Interstellar Crime Report'. 'Aquatacizem' is their other, better known, contribution to the triple vinyl version. You can listen to it here on YouTube. There is always something new to find out about Drexciya! I learned this thanks to longtime Drexciya fan Andrea Parker and her great EPM mix of 2014.
Dopplereffekt are included on a very impressive bill at the one day Inner City Electronic event in Leeds, England on 2nd June. They also have a shows scheduled for
 Paris on 23rd February and 8th May in Lyon, France. In case I've missd one, you can always check out some of their upcoming shows here on Resident Advisor.

'The duo (Drexciya) would come into Buy-Rite, and Ingram played their records at gigs around the city. After they saw him perform as Urban Tribe at the first Detroit Electronic Music Festival, in 2000, Ingram got a call from the duo's James Stinson. "'Hey man, I want you to do some DJing. I want you to be an assault DJ for Drexciya, we're going on tour.'" I was like, 'Hell yeah.' So that's how that relationship started."'

This is a really interesting interview with DJ Stingray from 2017 about his early days DJing in a biker bar in Detroit, starting his Urban Tribe project and getting to know Drexciya and more.

In this great new video Helena Hauff includes one of Drexciya's real obscurities in her choice of B-Sides. She mentions them from 4min 25sec but the whole video is well worth watching, it made me want to start digging deep into my own vinyl collection again. She also briefly talks about James Stinson in this more spooky video from last year at 2min 45sec.

In this edition of Boiler Room Collections, Ed of DMX Krew picks Gerald Donald's Glass Domain 12" from 1991 as an early electro influence. At the 1hr 15min 36sec mark he explains how he found out about Drexciya and went to London's Fat Cat Record shop where he bumped into Mike Paradinas who made some recommendations and suggested this record. It's interesting to learn that right from their very first release Drexciya found an audience in the UK (and beyond) and that even Donald's first solo record was being imported into the UK. If you have the time the whole programme is well worth watching. If you don't already, you will love DMX Krew!

This is a special 313CTRO mix dedicated to the memory of James Stinson by DJ Psycho of Detroit Techno Militia from 2014.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Susana P. Correia R.I.P.

The death has occurred of Susana P. Correia of Zwischenwelt. While she died on the 4th October 2017, the news only reached the wider public in the last few days after fellow group members, Beta Evers, Penelope Martin and Heinrich Mueller, wrote online tributes to her. Initially when Zwischenwelt (which translates as in-between world) was launched on MySpace in 2007, Susana was the most mysterious and least known member of the group but in time she would become much better known to fans due to an interview she did with Derek Walmsley for The Wire's  'Adventures in Modern Music' show on Resonance FM in 2010. This rare appearance was to promote their debut album, Paranormale Aktivität, on Rephlex and is well worth listening to as she goes into great detail about the theme of the album and how their collaboration proceeded (including a full group get together in Germany in 2008). In 2016 Clone Aqualung reissued the album on vinyl for the first time and Susana was instrumental in making and appears in a new video for 'Clairvoyant' to promote it.

Susana accomplished many other things in her short life, she was also an acupuncturist and healer who had volunteered her time in Nepal. In the world of music she was known as a DJ and producer and in the past worked under the name Su:Real. In 2004 she released a track under this name which came out of a collaboration with Rob F. You can read her online obituary here. I found this beautiful image of her by Alexia Rodriguez that she called 'Between Dimensions' on her MySpace profile. Everything I've written about Zwischenwelt on DRL to date can be assessed here.

She will be very missed. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Heinrich Mueller remixes 6D22, TOPP reissue and more

There is a remix by Heinrich Mueller on a new EP, Dragon's Path, by 6D22 aka Italian producer Giorgio Luceri. His mix has a specially made video by the Berlin-based crew, the29nov films. It is available now to purchase and is distributed worldwide by Rubadub. You can download it as a file too from Bandcamp.

It looks like there is a new pressing of Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe by The Other People Place due on 16th Jan 2018. It was reissued by Warp on double vinyl for the first time since 2001 back in February of this year. This pressing sold out very fast with copies already going for €30 and more on Discogs. You can currently pre-order it from RedEye at this link.

Dopplereffekt will be playing live in London on 2nd February 2018.

I've uploaded a video for the audio of the talk about Drexciya that was part of The Ocean After Nature exhibition at Dublin's Hugh Lane Gallery. This happened on 25th November and was a conversation between myself and Richard Brophy (DJ Magazine/First Cut Records), who is one of the few journalists to have interviewed Drexciya twice. This was followed by a DJ set by Sharon Phelan and a live performance by Dopplereffekt.

The subject of the Zong Massacre, when 133 slaves were thrown overboard in 1781, and a painting that depicted this, The Slave Ship (1840) by J.M.W. Turner, came up during the talk on Drexciya at Dublin's Hugh Lane Gallery. This was in relation to Drexciya's origin mythology. This massacre is also referred to by The Otolith Group in their film, Hydra Decapita (2010), which has been screened as part of The Ocean After Nature at the same gallery and runs until 7th January 2018.

Part 2 of Jim McCormack's All Drexciya 2 hour mix is up now at this link