Saturday, October 01, 2011

Heinrich Mueller Remix of DJ Stingray

There is a new Heinrich Mueller remix of a DJ Stingray track upcoming on a 12” from the Unknown to the Unknown label. They also promoted the June Dopplereffekt show in London this year. I was sent a preview of it and it’s a fast paced number with loads of Mueller signatures all over it. Not sure when it’s out but should be very soon (will be 24th October). This is the second time he has remixed/reworked the music of DJ Stingray (one time Drexiyan DJ), the first was 'Drone FX' on the Drexciyan Connection 12" on WeMe Records in 2009. In the picture is that supposed to be Mueller maybe on second from right? Here’s their blurb.

Unknown To The Unknown have put together their new release, Stingray Enters The Unknown a collaboration between Detroit’s DJ Stingray & London’s DJ Haus. Entitled The Sadist Pts 1 and 2 – the release is backed with remixes from the legendary Heinrich Mueller (Dopplereffekt) and Cestrian (Ali Renault, Heartbreak). It's also already on You Tube I found out.

Zerkalo previewed a new track on their SoundCloud recently too. It’s called, ‘You, Whose Sleep is Without Awakening’ which is the opening line of a poem by the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva (1892-1941). This is the second time she has been referenced by them, 'I Can Speak'. The full poem is as follows.

You, whose sleep is without awakening,
Who does still quietly move,
Go to the Three-Pond alley
If you my poems love.

O, how sunny and how starry
It's to start the life's first tome
I pray - while it is not too late yet -
Come and take a look at our home!

Soon that world will be snuffed out,
In a secret of the night look at it,
While the poplar is not cut down
And our home is not sold yet.

This our poplar! Our childhood's evenings
Underneath it nestle and thrash.
This our poplar among acacias
Is the color of silver and ash.

Hurry on, you will find this world
Unforgettably wonderful!
Go to the Three-Pond Alley
To this soul of my soul.

Any pictures or reviews from Dopplereffekt Neutrino last night in Liverpool, please send my way. Some videos of it here in 6 parts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous lizymoney said...

Someone posted videos of Liverpool here :

On the parts 3 and 4 of these extracts I can recognize elements of a wonderful track they played at Xoyo and Paris, so it wasn't totally new sounds (which is good because there are many unsorted tracks that they don't play anymore despite they are still unreleased).

Anyway I really hope an album soon with these kind of beats!

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