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Dopplereffekt played live on a bill with Leyland Kirby in Graz, Austria on 7/10/11. It’s not clear how this pairing came about, they may have been suggested by Kirby or picked by the curators. Incidently The Otolith Group’s Drexciya inspired film, Hydra Decapita, was included in the connected exhibition. It was at a series of concerts run in conjunction to an art exhibition called HAUNTINGS. Described as an interdisciplinary project - exhibition, series of concerts and an evening of film – it examined secret and uncanny presences in media, art and pop. It was curated by Thomas Edlinger and Christian Höller. Hauntology in other words, an interesting topic in relation to Dopplereffekt. Kirby was behind the V/VM Test label and currently makes music under his own name and The Caretaker. He recently did the soundtrack to Patience (After Sebald), a film by Grant Gee. You can check out his website for more information on him and sample some of his great music there. Their blurb is as follows, more info at below links.

7. 10. Leyland Kirby, Dopplereffekt

Going by the name of The Caretaker (named after the main character of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining), the Berlin-based Brit assembles piano motifs to ethereal soundscapes while priming them with vinyl needles whose clicking and scratching express a promise of intimacy. And as Leyland Kirby he revels in the conviction that “sadly, the future is no longer what it was” and illustrates his unhinged melancholy with plaintive sound paintings: “Live for the future, long for the past.” The American/German electronic act Dopplereffekt, which rarely performs in public, references the predecessors of Detroit techno like Kraftwerk with more than just its technophilic name. The musicians’ German pseudonyms, like that of Dopplereffekt founder and ex-member of the techno-mystics Drexciya, Gerald Donald aka Heinrich Mueller aka Rudolf Klorzeiger, likewise evince a strong connection to retro-futurist tradition.
Leyland Kirby


Blogger braindevice said...

oh.oh.oh. that was i waiting for long time. dopplereffekt near here. and even caretaker. oh what a shame, that i couldn't have info on that gig. was anybody there?

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Anonymous lizymoney said...

two videos here :

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