Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Nice mention of James Stinson from the legendary himself Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir when speaking with Dazed Digital recently. That would have been some collaboration alright. He did collaborate to some unknown degree with Gerald Donald though on the first Der Zyklus 12" in about 1997 or 98. Full interview with Shake at link below.

DD: Collaborations are often a spontaneous thing, but in your dream world, is there anyone you'd wish to work with musically (dead or alive)?
Anthony Shake Shakir: I wanted to work with a lot of my peers but was afraid to ask because I would be found to be a fraud of some sort because I can not actually play an instrument. Since I stumbled through most of what I was doing, I keep on stumbling. I was looking forward to working with James Stinson as he had asked to do some collaborations with me. I was surprised and shocked by him asking me to do that, but he passed before that could happen. I have a little more confidence nowadays.

Lengthy Drexciya post on the blog of the prestigious Liberator magazine. A sign that maybe someday they will include them in their print edition? The quotes come from my Drexciya Speaks article, well worth putting them all together all those years ago.

I think this artist, Jason deCaires, would appreciate the Drexciya mythos and could easily create it underwater too. Amazing underwater sculpture work.


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