Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dopplereffekt - Neutrino

Dopplereffekt will be performing what appears to be a one-off event, entitled Neutrino, at the Scandinavian Seaman’s Church, Liverpool, UK on 30th September 2011. It will be part of the AND festival and is in conjunction with the Max Plank Institute. I got an email from Albert van Abbe, whose No Comment 12” featured a Heinrich Mueller remix, which states he will produce and perform the visuals for it. He also states it is a complete new project with complete new sounds for Dopplereffekt. His website repeats some of this. The blurb on the AND site reads, “…Continuing this interest in the further reaches of science, Neutrino is a new project from the group that will use astrophysics lectures as the basis for a dense, involving audio visual performance.” I've now heard they will also be joined by the physicist Katarina Markovic who will deliver a lecture to their music and a Phd student, Zazralt Magic, will be involved too.

This interest in the neutrino first surfaced on the 2003 Linear Accelerator album with a track called Myon-Neutrino. A neutrino is an electrically neutral and weakly interacting elementary subatomic particle. It means "small neutral one", is an elementary particle that usually travels close to the speed of light, is electrically neutral and is able to pass through ordinary matter almost unaffected, "like a bullet passing through a bank of fog”. Neutrinos have a very small, but nonzero mass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome how a neutrino was discovered to travel faster than the speed of light just now. Source
If it wasn't for Dopplereffekt, I wouldn't be aware of this.

11:03 PM  
Blogger ZD said...

This wouldve been perfect for a Dopplereffekt show too. They have equipment which registers cosmic radiation and converts it into visuals. So everytime a cosmic particle is detected you see something. rly rly rly cool

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw the show last night mainly new material and really great setting in a small church. The visuals were the same as those used in Paris which was a little dissappointing.

10:51 AM  

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