Monday, August 29, 2011

Heinrich Mueller remix's part 1 update

It’s been three years almost to the day since I did part 1 of my Heinrich Mueller remix posts and back then hardly any of these tracks were archived on YouTube so I’ve just updated the original post to include these links to each remix. In fact I noticed that two which had been listed in those (long ago) days have since been removed for copyright reasons so I’ve located other still working (for now) links for these as well. You can still read the original article here and part 2 here or just get clicking from the list below. Great to hear the full length Scan X mixes at last and the Air remix is still a favourite of mine.

Scan X – Wasteland (Prototype 1)

Scan X – Wasteland (Prototype 2)

Hell – Suicide Commando (Heinrich Mueller remix)

Le Car - ‘Cinematic-Automatic’ (Heinrich Muller Remix)

The Hacker - ‘Fadin' away’ (Heinrich Müeller Remix)

Station Rose - ‘Dave’ (Heinrich Mueller: Stanley Kubricks Vision Mix)

Tuxedomoon - ‘What Use’ (Heinrich Mueller Technik Mix)

Air - ‘Le Soleil Est Près De Moi’ (Dopplereffekt Remix)

Takbam - Takbam (Photon Mix) by Heinrich Mueller.

The Advent - Untitled (Heinrich Mueller Remix)

Duplex - P.O.M. (Time Dilation) by Heinrich Mueller

Kavinsky - Testarossa Autodrive (Arpanet Nightdrive Rework)

Duplex - Autosug (Heinrich Mueller rmx)

Cisco Ferreira - Womans Scent (Heinrich Mueller Remix)

Bochum Welt - Saint (Heinrich Mueller - Z Version)


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