Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Zerkalo Track

There's a new and very Mueller sounding Zerkalo track and video called 'In the Middle' just uploaded onto their YouTube channel. It's very good and I'm certainly looking forward even more to writing a full article on them in the near future. 'Letters from Puskin' which was on their MySpace player for awhile is now no longer there by the way. Also if you want to book them, go on, they are now listing hagen.kaiserdamm at as their contact.
The latest other Drexciya related happenings in the world of YouTube are as follows...

Drexciya - fan video for the rarity 'Aquatacizem'
Clarence G - fan video for 'Data Transfer'

Heinrich Mueller - Remix of Hells 'Suicide Commando'
Heinrich Mueller - Remix for Takbam

Heinrich Mueller - Remix of Le Car 'Cinematic Automatic'

Heinrich Mueller - Remix of The Advents 'Untitled' aka 'L3'

And finally still on a Drexciyan tip, Ultradyne's 'Lardossen Search Squad'


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