Saturday, September 27, 2008


It looks like Arpanet will be performing live at Le Batofar in Paris, France on 18th October 2008. I've seen both Arpanet and Dopplereffekt listed as playing but which ever one it is it will be worth seeing. If its the former then it has been well over 2 years since there has been an Arpanet live show, the last one they played was their first and only one ever under that name and it was also in Paris. This debut show kicked off a string of live appearances from then till now. I hope this is not a circle closing, but this should be something very special for those in attendance. Support comes from Sleeparchive.
Warp reissued Elecktroids 'Elektroworld' album on CD a little while ago. There is said to be only 500 copies of it so hopefully there are still a few floating round.
Until fairly recently there had been a new Zerkalo track and video listed as 'ztd/Warning You' up, not on their MySpace but hosted by someone on You Tube. I know they have a track called 'Warning You' already but this was not it. The video was on a beach and done in the usual Zerkalo style. It's gone now but it was great, very intriguing, even more so now. If I follow the original link now it is currently marked as private but I would be surprised if it doesn't appear again sometime. I'm sorry I didn't post something about it at the time but there wasn't a suitable place to include the information. Believe it or not I try my best to post sparingly if I can and save up that kind of information. By the way, the lyrics went
Can't you see
Through your perceptions.
I know more
Than you could ever show.
Loads of nice videos for Drexciya just went up from the same person recently, check them all out at.
Fan video of 'Black Feathers' by Black Replica up there as well.


Blogger Claire said...

Thanks for all your hard work !

Just thought that you'd like to know that Daughter Produkt's Myspace page has been update with some music (finally!) a track with a Nietzschen flavour called 'Zarathustra'.

Also the band members have changed... Gone is all mention of Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb fame, now its just 'Moreno Paradox & Heinrich Mueller'.

The track itself sounds Mueller-ish. Still not convinced though !

1:58 PM  

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