Friday, December 08, 2023

Drexciya catalogue Spotify playlist and more

Clone, Tresor and Warp have combined their Drexciya catalogues to create a 144 song playlist on Spotify. It includes music by Drexciya, Transllusion, The Other People Place, Abstract Thought, Shifted Phases and Lab Rat XL. It feels like an historic moment to see them all together like this (total play time is 9hrs 30 mins). The only album that's missing is Transllusion's L.I.F.E (hope this gets reissued someday soon). If you have Spotify it can be accessed here (if you don't you can still see the list).

Dopplereffekt created a new various artist mix for Different Sound.

There is a new Arpanet remix on box set reissue of Das Heise Experiment by The Exaltics. Bandcamp link here.

A fan video of Dopplereffekt at British Library. 

A new Drexciya centred radio show by Crix Madine. 

Be sure to check out the DRL FB page for daily posts. 


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