Tuesday, October 10, 2023

NRSB-11 Commodified and self-titled 12" EP reissued and more

The long out of press and highly sought after album and self-titled 12" EP by NRSB-11 has been reissued by Disciples (a  sub-label of Warp Records). You can get both as a bundle along with a tote-bag exclusively from Bleep now at this link. You can also get just the album Commodified on double clear vinyl and CD. The three track 12" EP is also available on clear vinyl and features Nina Kraviz on one track. This is fantastic news and has been one fans have wanted at retail price for a long time. The EP and album were originally released on WeMe Records in 2012 and 2013.



'NRSB-11 is the brainchild of Dataphysix (of Drexciya and Dopplereffekt) DJ Stingray 313 (Drexciya's touring DJ), Penelope Martin and Lana Jastrevski. Their sole and wholly singular album Commodified dropped in 2013 on Belgium label WéMè Records, enigmatically and to immediate attention. The ever current affairs of economics, capitalism, and consumer culture resonate deeply through sparing digitised voices, electrical discharges, and illustrious mechanical rhythms.'

There was a live stream of Dopplereffekt's recent show for Machina Bristonica. It's still online and I've just watched it and it's pretty incredible stuff, amazing music from sound-desk and visuals by Maria Mendes. Well worth a look, hopefully it will remain online. You will find their whole set at 1hr 33min.

It's always a good day when you discover a new Dopplereffekt remix! One of my readers brought 'It's Amazing (Dopplereffekt Hadron Matrix version)' by Lucie Antunes to my attention. Listen on YouTube here and follow links for download,

'Dopplereffekt’s remix of 'It’s Amazing' takes the dance record and morphs its playful ambiance into a synthetic conceptual soundscape. On the original track, Lucie craftily layers computer generated vocals into the production, while Dopplereffekt have stripped the robotic vocals to bare bones, reminiscent of Kraftwerk with their pulsating new wave FM synths.'

Awesome fun track inspired by Dopplereffekt and Dire Straits by the very talented Ed DMX. Love the artwork too.

There is a new track, 'Artimisia' by Avina Vishnu on their Bandcamp. They are really going back to nature with this project.

Albert van Abbe is releasing a very special four track EP of Heinrich Mueller remixes he has commissioned in the past, including one exclusive mix. You can get it on digital or as a one-off acetate dubplate. The artwork is by Erwin Thomasse. You can listen to the unreleased remix on Bandcamp too (pre-order now, out on 19th Oct).

Andrea Benedetti has made an excellent new James Stinson tribute mix for Italy's Radio Raheen.

A 30 minute Gerald Donald video tribute mix I found. The camera angle is right about the decks and mixer, good stuff. Deal With It No. 3 by DJ Tabi aka Olivia Xhignesse.

Drexciya are included in this exhibition in Italy from September 30, 2023 – February 25, 2024. Full details here.

I found this text on Tresor Berlin's old website back in 2004 via the Wayback Machine. Interesting to note how important 'Positron Island' was to the beginning of their relationship back in 1993.

'The first sightings of this nebulous Detroit Techno/Electro outfit began during 1991, forming close liaisons with Underground Resistance and Submerge. "Staying low and staying true", each instalment of the mighty Drexciya discography narrates fantastic accounts of conflict and survival in the dark depths of unwritten history chapters; tales of ...yesternow. Swimming with stories of `aquatic funk bombs and `Darthouven Fish Men, Drexciyan philosophy, technology and time travel are very real aspects and vital parts to the project.Recording mainly within the UR, Submerge, Shockwave triumverate, Drexciyan outings with labels outside of Detroit have been rare with the exception of one-offs for Warp and Rephlex. Tresor established contact with Drexciya in 1993 via UR with the release of "Deep Detroit Vol. 2: Magic Tracks Compiled by Juan Atkins" featuring Drexciya´s "Positron Island"; the track which for many European youth would become anthemic, sonically defining the magic that is Detroit. Within the then revolutionary climates found in united Germany and other Eastern European countries finding themselves anew, Drexciya was the sound of originality; music for change and identity. Armed with freestyle Electro, Techno and Funk, Drexciya defies categorization and sounds like ...`Drexciya'.'

One of my readers very kindly shared a photo of the new cover artwork for Tresor Berlin's recent Drexciya reissues. If any of you are visiting there soon it can be found outside Tresor's club. You can also just about make out a James Stinson quote underneath, "An infinite journey to inner space within". It comes from the Liz Copeland interview on Detroit Public Radio in 2002. The sentence was in response to being asked to describe the theme of Drexciya; in full he said, “An infinite journey to inner space, within, and find out the beauty that’s inside and bring it out."


Blogger peppo said...

Dopplereffekt live stream set as private :/

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Anonymous Anak said...

I wrote the Bleep review for Commodified. Thank you so much for posting my writing!! I've been reading this blog for a few years now and it's a huge inspiration for when I work on anything Drexciya related, or just want to read the deep research here (: You do incredible work!

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