Tuesday, July 04, 2023

New James Stinson pic, L.A.M., Clarence & Glass Domain reissues, Arpanet & Dopplereffekt live and more

One of my readers kindly let me know they had shared a Submerge distribution catalogue from 1994 on their Instagram and FB accounts. I gave it a quick look (quite small online) and wondered who was in the UR photo. I checked the full-size image and recognised a very rare sighting of James Stinson, referred to in the text as '1 Militant Sea Dweller'.

The manoeuvres UR were on would most likely have been their trip to New York's New Music Seminar in 1991 or perhaps '92 (when UR played live). In the 2017 Red Bull Music about this legendary first visit (where they all wore UR T-shirts) both Terrence Parker and Agent X were definitely there. If this is correct it's interesting to know that James was part of the crew from even before Drexciya's debut Deep Sea Dweller EP was released or certainly by '92 (which obviously 'sea dweller' references).

This was a hugely important event for UR to make their mark on the industry and it's even when they met people from Tresor for the first time (at '91 event). As you can see they all look like they were having a great time. 

Please look for similar stuff in your collections!

Clone Records have re-pressed the full trilogy of pre-Drexciya releases. Clarence's Hyperpace Sound Lab 12" EP, Life After Mutation's Balance of Terror 12" EP and Glass Domain's s/t titled 12" EP. They are all available now from clone.nl and all good record stores

There is a free Arpanet show in Paris on 16th July. It is part of a Post-Web conference. You have to RSVP them, more details here and it says 'futuristic/cosmic/cybernetic costumes encouraged'.

Dopplereffekt play Bristol at a festival on 30th September.

This is a really good and brand new James Stinson and Gerald Donald mix by Phil Lucas. He also wrote a text to go with it, some of which is below, enjoy. 

One of my readers tipped me off to this excellent remix of Dopplereffekt's 'Satellites' by Glasgow's Fear-E. It's also make your own price/free if you want to download from Bandcamp.

Clone Records are celebrating 31 years and will be releasing a new boxset compilation Sonic Transmutations. It's quite a line-up and well done to them. From a DRL perspective, Dopplereffekt rarity 'Dyson Sphere' is included. It was last seen on vinyl in 2012 on an obscure Spanish festival compilation. You can sample all the tracks from the comp at this link.

The All Trades and Prieste5s collaborative EP is now available. They won a contest run by Brighter Sound to tie in with Drexciya Day in Manchester last year. As well as digital there is a limited run 12" dubplate w/ A3 Artwork by Abu Qadim Haqq on Bandcamp.

Ayana V. Jackson has a new Drexciya inspired art show on at Washington's Smithsonian from now until 29th Jan 2024. This is the second stage of her project, From the Deep: In the Wake of Drexciya, that I've shared and I continue to be in awe of the lengths she has gone to realise her vision.

A fan has made an AI generated animated extension of the cover of The Other People Place's Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe on YouTube. If you've ever wanted to hear and see more of that forest and see what might be in that room then enjoy the ride. Look out for the Drexciya logo, I missed it the first time I watched. This now iconic artwork was created by The Designers Republic and released on Warp Records in 2001.

I wrote a review of A Sphere of Water Orbiting a Star by The Otolith Group at Galway Arts Centre that you can read at this link (exhibition runs until 1st July). The show is very much inspired and informed by Drexciya and the voice of Gerald Donald is featured in both films. The subject of their origin story and more is raised. Well worth a visit if you can, if not I hope the review can suffice.

'Drexciya's Aquatic Invasion was one of the first records Koreman purchased, he told Resident Advisor, and he tried repeatedly to commission a remix from members James Stinson and Gerald Donald in the late '90s, with no success. After a few conversations with Mike Banks, Koreman received a message on his answering machine saying, "Drexciya don't have no phone, but they are too busy to do your remix." '

Back in 2017 Drvg Cvltvre released a 12" EP H-World: Recolonization that was inspired by Drexciya. I did share it here on the DRL FB page at the time but not this part of the article for Resident Advisor. There are still copies in stock at clone.nl too.


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