Monday, May 08, 2023

Gerald Donald guide on Accolades, The Otolith Group in Galway preview and more

A video interview with DJ Prime Cuts of Scratch Perverts talking to Crate Records about the music of Gerald Donald for their Accolades series (12 mins). Worth book-marking and watching when you can. 

Dopplereffekt are on the bill for this festival in Mongolia, 10th June 2023.

New Drexciya related work from The Otolith Group at Galway Arts Centre, Ireland (13th May - 1st July). The opening includes a talk with The Otolith Group and DeForrest Brown Jr plus a DJ set by the latter. Full details at link

‘A Sphere Of Water Orbiting A Star’, conceived by The Otolith Group in collaboration with sound designer and composer Tyler Friedman for Galway Arts Centre, features unreleased recordings of conversations between Gerald Donald of Detroit Techno duo Drexciya and Kodwo Eshun, along with films made in Galway at the mouth of the River Corrib as it enters the Atlantic Ocean.

‘A Sphere Of Water Orbiting A Star’ is an immersive audio visual environment, conceived as a guide to the imagination, exploring a liquid world orbiting a binary star system through the sonic portal of Drexciya.'

You can also watch the trailer and rent Hydra Decapita (2010) by The Otolith Group at this Vimeo link. The particular section used for the trailer (1 min) is actually really interesting because you can hear Gerald Donald talking about the origins and nature of Drexciya/Drexciyans. 

I've updated the Discography post on DRL and have now included official stream and digital download links as well. Its been designed as an 'at a glance' guide to Drexciya and all the other related projects I cover here. It's everything I'm aware of and when it was first and last pressed. If there's anything I've missed please let me know, enjoy.

"Between ’98 and ’06 I was working menial jobs and doing minimal production, but nothing that was released with the exception of a mix I did on Ken’s first 12″. It was a strange period for sure. I was a little too focused on chilling. It took the DEMF and a meeting with James Stinson to snap me out of a malaise that I was in."

Great 2010 DJ Stingray 313 interview in Little White Earbuds (full interview here). 

The new Nativist EP from Ultradyne is now available on vinyl at various places online and elsewhere and digitally from their Bandcamp.

Anders Wimpelman has made another great Drexciya and related themed mix. I like how he includes so many different projects of James Stinson and Gerald Donald as well as interview snippets as well. Part 2 of mix here.


Anonymous Anders W said...

Regarding "Hydra Decapita" and the rent option on vimeo: the price for RENT says NOK(Norwegian Krones) 3921,84. That s approximately UKP 392!!! How can they expect even seriously dedicated Drexciyao fans, such as myself, to pay such a stiff price for their video?

Anders W

2:18 PM  

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