Monday, April 03, 2023

Heinrich Mueller False Vacuum Vol. 2, DJ Mag Drexciya long read, Gedankenexperiment reissue, Dopplereffekt live in Berlin and more

WeMe Records have been in touch with an exclusive, they will have a second volume of Heinrich Mueller's False Vacuum available by the end of the year (WeMe313.33). They have been compiling the cream of his remix/remodel work since 2018. Vol. 1 is sold out but you can check it out here.

DJ Mag has a new long read about Drexciya. It was written by Ben Cardew and he takes his starting point as The Quest and gives an excellent overview of their career as well as putting their music in the context of today. He also looks at the development of their mythology and includes plenty of James Stinson quotes, well worth your time.

Dopplereffekt have a live show at RSO, Berlin on 27th April with visuals by Maria Mendes (who made the cover art and more for Neurotelepathy). For the record they also played  a show in Oslo on 31st March. 

Gedankenexperiment's Experiment Defined 12" EP is now reissued on vinyl with one extra track, 'Radiation Vacuum', on Spain's Apena Records. This collaboration between Heinrich Mueller and Beta Evers was originally released on WeMe Records in 2011. You can sample all the tracks on the Juno player and at many more other online shops. 

A New York show by MIROVAYA LINIYA and others was streamed and you can watch it at this link. Their show starts around 17 mins.

I came across the rare 1994 Mike Banks/Underground Resistance cover story for Jockey Slut at this link.

DeForrest Brown Jr. has made an impressive two hour Drexciya themed mix ('The Myth of Drexciya') with an interview to go with it for Carhartt Work In Progress. At the end of the mix there is a brief excerpt from Hydra Decapita (2010) by The Otolith Group where you can hear ‘The Author’ aka 'Remnant of a Hydrogen Element' aka Gerald Donald speaking about Drexciya which is followed by the rare Dopplereffekt track 'Ascension of Genetic Intelligence' (preview edit of track here).

I thought this part of Brown's interview was also important to note and archive here:

'From what I understand, James Stinson was very intentional when he talked to journalists and how that interacted with the maps, liner notes, and track titles of each release. In my conversations with Gerald Donald, I found that the scientific potentiality of Drexciya was a philosophical theory similar to how Plato used the lost city of Atlantis as a way of thinking about societies outside of Athens on a kind of game board. This type of game theory and speculative fiction is what initially attracted me to techno – as a writer, avid listener, and musician, I wanted to explore the world that they built together while jamming in Stinson's mother's basement.'

One of my readers kindly brought these early Drexciya reviews to my attention. They both come from Music Week. The Deep Sea Dweller EP review was penned by Loftgroover aka Tony Collins and Bubble Metropolis was reviewed by DJ and producer Steve Bicknell. The date of the magazine can also give us a better idea of what time of the year they were released. Assuming these were new when reviewed I would now put DSD at about Oct/Nov '92 and Bubble Metropolis at May/June '93.


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