Thursday, January 05, 2023

Transllusion special editions on Tresor, The Other People Place Muzik 2001 interview, new Doplereffekt track and more


You can now pre-order Transllusion's The Opening of the Cerebral Gate (3LP, clear vinyl 3LP, CD & digital) and the Mind Over Positive and Negative Dimensional Matter 12" on Tresor Berlin's Bandcamp. You can also check out the new artwork by Matthew Angelo Harrison for these special editions. Both available from 10th Feb 2023. 

There is a brand new and rather beautiful Dopplereffekt track, 'Bat Ray (Myliobatis Californicus)' on a cassette/digital compilation from Obsolete Future. 

Arpanet have one live show coming up, 3rd Feb 2023 in Newcastle.

Clone Records have just re-pressed their 2021 reissue of the self-titled and debut 12" by Japanese Telecom. You can find it at usual places.

One of those 'Blind Test' youtube video features a track by Drexciya, check it out here.

“I said, ‘I’ve got to get my own equipment.’ I didn’t have any money. The equipment I had was pawn shop equipment that I got for like $100, $125 dollars. I found a blue [Roland] SH-101, a [Roland] Juno 2, and I bought a [Roland TR-909] from one of the guys from Drexciya [Gerald Donald].”

Robert Hood speaking in this very in-depth 2019 article about his classic album Minimal Nation (1994). 

I came across a review/interview with The Other People Place in Muzik magazine (Oct 2001 pg. 106). It is a very short box piece but it's revealing in more than one way. The magazine emailed them and got some kind of response and perhaps even a video.

I have the full text below but essentially they are treated like a pair of lunatics, even though the album is called 'rather cool'. If you know this is a member of Drexciya speaking it does make more sense but I don't think this was explained to the writer. I have no idea what they emailed back (would be great to know full contents) but I guess this is the big risk of being enigmatic, mysterious or just playful with the press. TOPP was the first of the Storm series albums to be released and coincidently or not from now on James Stinson would do straight forward interviews and get his points across and be treated in a serious way. 

'Who The Hell Are...
The Other People Place
They all live in a mellow submarine.
Who indeed?

TOPP, as they're not known in vibey chill out cyber bars across the United States, proved to be some of the most elusive creatures Muzik has ever encountered. The gloopy, loopy valium tech-gnosis of their rather cool 'Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe' album gives little hint of the lunacy that lies at the heart of the People Place machine.  

When we eventually tracked them down, it was via a now defunct email address whose user claimed to be at a console deep beneath the ocean waves somewhere off the coast of Malta. When quizzed the Peeps (as they are also not known) sent an Mpeg clip. This showed a flying saucer landing on what appeared to the coast of Hawaii. Out step two smartly dressed gentlemen, faces wrapped in the style of The Invisible Man, who flip open attache cases, take a seat beneath the palms and then walk into the sea. 

"You will never find us now", reads their closing statement. "Take heed and learn, for this will be our last communication to your lost planet."
That and their album, presumably. More power to the weirdo's we say...'


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