Monday, November 14, 2022

Harnessed The Storm reissue, Der Zyklus remix Tiga, Abstract Thought info and more

Tresor Berlin have revealed the new artwork and are now taking orders for Drexciya's Harnessed The Storm (orig rel. 2001). They also have the accompanying 12" Digital Tsunami available as well (both can be found at their Bandcamp). The album is available on digital, CD, regular double vinyl and limited white vinyl too (out on 11th Nov). The new artwork for all of these Tresor reissues has been designed by Matthew Angelo Harrison.

Arpanet have a live show confirmed for Newcastle on 3rd Feb 2023.

Heinrich Mueller is one of the collaborators (electronics) on No. 5, the latest album by Christina Vantzou. It's available on LP, CD and digital. She is also a member of Daughter Produkt and collaborated on a track on the new Dopplereffekt album.  Bandcamp link here.

There is a new Der Zyklus remix of 'Easy' by Tiga. You can get it on digital and a 12" of remixes on Turbo Recordings (stream here) . Tiga said this about it on his Instagram.  

'This is why I have a record label. For this feeling. You fall in love with an artist. You dream of one day working with them. Just somehow getting close to their sound, finding a way to combine your visions or just hang out. Either one will do. In this case, the artist was Gerald Donald aka Der Zyklus, aka one half of Dopplereffekt and Drexciya and Arpanet. Nobody is more foundational and inspirational to what we all do. It simply does not get more legit. Or more mysterious/elusive/harder to reach. Specifically I don’t even think I would make the music I make without hearing records like “pornoactress”. THEN…. The real thrill of the conversation, the back and forth, the real A&R of starting with “holy shit imagine a Der Zyklus mix of Easy” and then GETTING exactly what you dreamed of….. the absolute funkiest, dopest, zero bullshit, godfather, ground zero electro funk track. GAME OVER. None more badass. Thanks G. Out now on turbo. Link in bio. The saga continues 24years deep. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ t'

One of my readers kindly sent me a pic of a note attached to what seems to be a promo copy of Hypothetical Situations (2003) by Abstract Thought on Kombination Research (from their own collection). The text was probably written by Cisco Ferreira of The Advent who runs the label or perhaps the distributor. I have never seen it before but there was a white label sent out a few months before the album was actually released. This is one of Drexciya's Storm series and has never been re-pressed and is of course most highly sought after. Nice to have this additional message archived anyway.  

'Important: Please try to respect that the members of "Abstract Thought" are not willing to be profiled in a feature because they want their music to be the centre of interest. Nevertheless, articles about the Detroit electro scene in general or reviews of the album "Hypothetical Situations" are welcome. Thanks'

Following on from the above, when I posted this on the DRL FB page Cisco Ferreira left this comment.

'Thanks for the Post. We treated this release with the upmost respect. And only did a 2000 unit limited run. So anyone who has this in their collection 👏🏻👏🏻, Kombination Research (KR) was originally a label I started to releases only my The Advent solo music, I became very good friends with Drexciya over the 90’s and my KR B-sides were very much Drex Influenced. This ‘hypothetical Situations’ project was a complete honour when I received the Demo for release. Recently during the pandemic I was approached to maybe re releases this from last remaining Drexicyian, but unfortunately the master DATs are completely destroyed with Tape erosion....The CD’s were all in MP3 format, This was an early time in digital that MP3 were mostly used instead of WAV files at CD pressing plants.'

"I talked to them (Drexciya), we argued about some things. One of their first pieces, I think it was Glass Domain, I was telling them the count from the beginning of the song wasn't even. You know, it didn't come in on like an eight or even a 16, it came in on like a five or a seven." 

Archived from a DJ Stingray 313 interview with Derek Walmsley in The Wire (April 2010). He could only be talking about 'Shatter Prone' (1991), which just seems to jump into life mid bar and continues to rip along in the same fashion.

I made a Dopplereffekt special for Dublin Digital Radio. It concentrates on their music post Gesamtkunswerk (1999) as this is when they radically changed their sound. There's an introduction by me at the start and then it's a mix of my favourite music up to their latest album.


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I am one of the 2000 lucky members of Hypothetical Situations album. ❤️ thank you Drexciya Researchlab for all your articles about what we cherish the most. And a big smile for Marcel and Gerald. The great adventure continues !

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