Sunday, August 14, 2022

Drexciya Day 2022, Dopplereffekt Recomposite and James Stinson tribute by Scape One

Drexciya Day Events

Manchester 3rd September

Helsinki 3rd September

Humpty Records Saarbr├╝cken, Germany 3rd September

Spin Beer & Record Shop, Rome, Italy 3rd September 

The 20th anniversary of James Stinson's death will be in less than a months time, 3rd September. Since 2017 fans around the world have been celebrating his music on or around this date on what has become known as 'Drexciya Day'. 

As ever there is no pressure from DRL as this concept originally happened spontaneously and I simply remind people about it and promote whatever anyone feels like doing that year. Previously fans have organised DJ nights, radio shows and online events.

If anyone wants to organise something please let me know and I will be very happy to share it. Email or contact me through the DRL FB page with an FB event link or whatever. Please use #drexciyaday2022 for your events. Thanks

The only confirmed event I'm aware of so far will be happening at Manchester's Eastern Bloc Records on 3rd September. They have an amazing line-up and it also ties in with two artists (All Trades and Prieste5s) being commissioned by Brighter Sound to produce new music. I will add any new event into this post.

There is what is called a 'Dopplereffekt Recomposite' of 'Cameo', the new single by Kavinsky. It's almost a conventional remix in that the vocal is very much intact but the music is very Dopplereffekt. It doesn't seem to be available on vinyl but can be streamed and downloaded at this link and others. Kavinsky is label-mates with Arpanet on Record Makers and back in 2006 Arpanet reworked 'Nightdrive'.

One of my readers pointed out an early tribute to James Stinson by Scape One aka Kurt Baggaley. You will find the rather beautiful 'The Light Of Other Days (Atlantis) (For James)' on his 2003 Planet Funk Express: Journeys 3 & 4 12" for Electrix. You can listen on YouTube here.

As ever keep an eye on Resident Advisor for the latest Dopplereffekt live dates (six at this time).. 


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