Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Arpanet Quantum Transposition re-press, Der Zyklus remodel, Drexciya lesson plan and more

Clone Records are re-pressing and re-mastering Arpanet's Quantum Transposition (2005). It will be on double vinyl and there is a new unreleased track too. It was previously available on Rephlex Records but has been out of press since then. This is another incredible album, you can sample all the tracks and pre-order at this link. It's due about 1st July.

There is a Der Zyklus remodel on Marija Jovanovic's new remix release on Third Ear Recordings. It's available on Bandcamp along with a solo remix by Elena Sizova of DZ too. The remixes come from Jovanovic's 2019 EP Delicate Minds.

Another re-press/re-stock has gone under the radar, if you missed out on the vinyl edition of Dopplereffekt's Cellular Automata (2017) on Leisure System it's available again on the Bandcamp page with no quantity restrictions (eg. 1 remaining) so maybe it's a re-press? Awhile back they also pressed it on CD for the first time as well and that is still available too. The vinyl and CD copies of Dopplereffekt's latest album Neurotelepathy are also out on 10th June. 

Through Resident Advisor you can check out Dopplereffekt's latest upcoming live shows here (3 at this time). 

John R. Eperjesi, who recently published an academic paper, 'Drexciya’s Bubble Metropolis and Blue Cultural Studies' has created a Drexciya based lesson plan for teachers. You can read 'Drexciya and Our Ocean Planet' and read the Teacher's Guide here

The Wonky Angle has done a deep dive on Gerald Donald, from Drexciya right up to the latest Dopplereffekt album. Great to find he is a fan, well worth a watch

There is a new all vinyl Drexciya themed mix by DJ and producer Niall Power with visuals by Francesca Bonci. It went out as part of the Mindframe series on deepspaceradio in April. A lovely mix with some incredible visuals.

Lastly, I wonder if Detroit Police's Underwater Recovery Team listen to Drexciya? 


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