Saturday, February 20, 2021

Victoria Lukas' Final Release - Vita ALTAR'

Victoria Lukas' final project, Altar' under her Vita alias, is now available for the first time to see and hear. In total there are six tracks, this link will bring you to five of the videos that were all directed by her regular collaborator Julia Pello (the other video by Anaïs Boudot is linked here). 

It's quite an experience to listen and view them all together, she really was making her best work right at the end of her life. She had been writing on her FB page about this project in the year before she died (see below). Also be sure to check out the Altar' website, as this was approached as a multi media project. 

It's fantastic to experience this new work and see her living on like this. She was a member of Zerkalo with Heinrich Mueller, I wrote a post here to mark her passing. You can find some of her other music here.

'hi everyone,

Its been months that we are polishing a project called the VITA Alta'r Ep. It is a multimedia project which has its own site where some medias and writings are posted frequently:

We are intensively working on the videos actually, there is one directed for each of the 6 tracks of the Ep...under my alias VITA i release some very personal electronic music which is experimental, sentimental and dark, so don't expect any electro following the codes. w/ Julia Pello and an unique and marvellous participation of Anaïs Boudot, for the astounding video intro of the project, the song called "The Awaiting". Alta'r is a multimedia project about dedication, love, and eternity ...

The 6 tracks has been recorded and produced by Victoria Lukas. 

It contains collaborations with Pierre Bastien and Christoph De Babalon.

The videos have been directed by Anaïs Boudot & Julia Pello.

The poems have been written by Julia Pello.

Before selling the tracks we would like the videos to stay online to be seen as a whole.'


1 The Awaiting 

2 I wish 

3 Muse

4 Let's have no more nights

5 As long as I stay 

6 Oblik


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