Friday, October 16, 2020

The Book of Drexciya Vol. 2, Mixmag, Tactical Airspace, Drexciya French radio doc and more

There will be second volume of The Book of Drexciya by Abdul Haqq and other collaborators. The first one was great and this one should be too. You can only get it by pre-ordering here. This is a crowd funded project like last time and there are other exclusive Drexciya and even Dopplereffekt themed perks to sign up for. There is an interview about the latest volume here

There is an excellent new long read about Drexiya in Mixmag with new interviews with Abdul Qadim Haqq, Carola Stroiber and even myself. You can read it here.

Tactical Airspace is a new Heinrich Mueller plus collaborators project, check it out on their Facebook page and on Instagram

Phase Fatal selects Dopplereffekt's 'Cellular Phone' as one of his favourite B-Sides here.  

Alex Wilcox has made an epic breakdown of all the tracks from The Other People Place album. You can find it on his YouTube channel along with other fascinating Drexciya and Der Zyklus breakdowns. 

Drexciya were the subject of a major French radio documentary

I've just added a donate/tip button to the website. While I have no plans to stop doing DRL or any of my other creative online projects (my art, daily DRL FB pageAbstract Analogue, Searching for The White Room, Time Travel radio show etc) I thought I should give people an option if they would like to show support for my time and efforts. I would be very grateful, thanks. 


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