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New Heinrich Mueller collaborative tracks, Opening of the Cerebral Gate artwork, Fascist State 4018, cuttings, tribute mixes and more

The brilliantly minimal artwork for Transllusion's The Opening of the Cerebral Gate (2001) and its accompanying 12" on Supremat/Tresor was designed by the UK based Semiconductor. It doesn't appear they did much or any sleeve design before, I wonder how Tresor came across them?

They became established in 1997 and consist of the artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. You will find some images from their film, Linear, which dates from the same time period and appears to have some pleasing similarities to their Transllusion design. They also made the related artwork for the other release on Supremat, Sing Sweet Software! by Trurl and Klapaucius aka Cristian Vogel.

Update: When I posted this on the DRL FB Semiconductor commented, "We loved doing these designs!! Cristian Vogel asked us to be involved."

'Mummy, what's an Elecktroid?' I was sent these great pics of a very cool looking promo postcard that was originally sent out by Warp Records in 1995. It went to people on the mailing list. The text is on the back

The Trilogy Tapes site have shared a scan of issue 3 of the US electronic music magazine Hard Sync. I haven't seen this before, it dates from 1994 and features an advert/page given over to Dopplerffekt and a review of their debut 7" single, Superior Race/Cellular Phone.

The text for 'Fascist State 4018' appears to have been written by the band and as you will see is very dystopian. To some degree it reminded me of George Orwell's 'Sex-Pol' from his novel 1984.

There is a new track, the 32 minute 'Immunoflourescence', up on the Daughter Produkt Bandcamp page. I'm told it is the work of Ruben Spiel and Christina Vantzou from the collective. There are now 12 songs there in total.

Dark Body Parameter (Heinrich Mueller and Beta Evers) have added a previous collaborative project, Gedankenexperiment's Experiment Defined EP to their Bandcamp page as a digital download. This was previously available from WeMe Records on 12" vinyl in 2011.

Dopplereffekt have just made a third track available on their Bandcamp page. 'Dyson Sphere' was originally included only on a limited various artists double LP, Festival Electrónica En Abril (2012). It's over six minutes long and a real hidden gem from their catalogue.

This is the first time I've shared this review of Drexciya's Aquatic Invasion EP, which I scanned from Melody Maker (11/2/95) and was written by Ben Turner. The same week or the one before their Black Sea EP had been released on Warp (nice to know the month these came out). With the Elecktroids album and EP also on Warp that year (August), 1995 was a huge year for Drexciya.

I realised I hadn't shared this 2012 interview on the DRL FB page and it got a great response so am sharing it here gain too. It's with Alden Tyrell and is about remastering the music for Drexciya's epic Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller series on Clone Records. It was written by Richard Brophy (First Cut) who interviewed James Stinson twice.

Amsterdam's Interstellar Funk selects Transllusion's 'You're Holding Me Up' as one of his favourite B-sides for Telekom Electronic Beats TV. It's his first selection but it's well worth watching the whole video, great taste.

'The festival’s name is inspired by an act vital to that history: Detroit electro-techno pioneers Drexciya.'

DJ Stingray was one of the highlights of the Dweller festival in New York at the start of February. Hopefully more great things to come from them next year.

This is a fascinating article which contrasts the Drexciyan mythology with that of HP Lovecraft's 'Cthulhu' stories, which feature fantastical underwater creatures. These science fiction stories were written in the 1920s.

Fans of Zerkalo will enjoy Victoria Lukas' latest release, a soundtrack for Les Apocalyptiques.

This is a great new Drexciya/Mueller mix from Glasgow's Fear-E. Love the track selection.

The third and latest Drexciya themed mix on The Beat radio show on the French station Canal B. 


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