Sunday, February 02, 2020

Helen Stinson interview, Drexciya press clippings, Avina Vishnu film and more

There is a brilliant interview (below) with James Stinson's mother, Helen, by Haqq over on the Drexciya Empire YouTube channel. The softcover edition of The Book of Drexciya Volume One pre-orders are being posted out by Tresor but the hardcover will be delayed until May according to them.

Dopplereffekt play live with DJ Stingray, Ectomorph and more at Tresor, Berlin on 13th March.

There has been a vinyl re-press of Drexciya's Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller I-IV on Clone Records. This will keep it at reasonable prices and more easy to find at least.

This is the newly uploaded 40 minute film made to accompany Avina Vishnu's Transforma album on WeMe Records. There are still a few copies left of the album on double orange vinyl at just 10 euro from WeMe. The film will premier in Augsburg, Germany on 29th February.

There is a new track, 'Binary State Zero', up on the Daughter Produkt Bandcamp, that brings the total to ten.

I found and scanned this brilliant Cristian Vogel piece about the contents of his DJ box from Melody Maker (12/11/94). He made some really great selections including Drexciya's The Unknown Aquazone 12".

I was also really happy to find this in the 4/6/94 issue of Melody Maker (I have zero memory of reading it at the time). Amazing to think of Drexciya's The Unknown Aquazone double pack getting single of the week in the dance section of this UK magazine. It was written by Dave Mothersole, who would interview Drexciya for the same magazine about six months later in 1995.