Wednesday, November 27, 2019

New Abstract Thought EP available soon, relaunch of Daugther Produkt and more

'Music beamed through Dimensional Waves by Abstract Thought. 3 unnamed Abstract Thoughts taken from the original project tapes from 2003, recorded around the same time as the well known full length album release. Sonic expressions that will need your own interpretation to lead to a reality-oriented conclusion.'

The new Abstract Thought EP on Clone's Aqualung is available from 9th December. You can pre-order and hear samples of all three tracks here.

Nine brand new tracks are currently available on a new Daughter Produkt Bandcamp. This is one of Heinrich Mueller's collaborative projects which first appeared in 2007 on MySpace and 10 years later re-emerged with a track on Tresor's Dreamy Harbor compilation. This latest iteration includes Richard Smith, Sarah Davachi, Barbara Castelvi, Ruben Spiel, Anna Cadabra, Elena Sizova and Christina Vantzou. While you can download these individual tracks, hopefully an album or physical release is on the way. Some stunning music there already.

In the current issue of the French magazine, Technikart, there is an extensive piece about Drexciya written by Jean-Baptiste Chiara. You can read the whole text here.

If you click on the Multimedia page on Dopplereffekt's new website you will find a new Dimensional Gate, (No. 4). It will bring you to their Bandcamp page where there are now two unreleased tracks and the Calabi Yau Space album, nice.

A Qadim Haqq is on a book tour for The Book of Drexciya, check put dates on his Drexciyan Empire page. The book can be bought on the tour but will be available from March from Tresor.

Arpanet's long out of press album, Quantum Transposition (2005), is now available for the first time as a digital download on Bandcamp (with new cover artwork). It was originally released on Rephlex Records and when that label closed they returned all the rights to the artists. I actually listened to this on vinyl not that long ago and am enjoying streaming it now, amazing album, very experimental and pushing at the boundaries for sure.

I have been diligently keeping the DRL discography up to date, it now lists all of Heinrich Mueller's latest Bandcamp releases and new projects.

I've made a Drexciya special for my monthly Time Travel show on Dublin Digital Radio. As it's just an hour long show I've kept it to music only released as Drexciya (no side projects). I tell their basic story in between tracks. I kicked things off with a real rarity, 'Interstellar Crime Report' from UR's Interstellar Fugitives. You can listen here.

For no good reason here are all three physical editions of Drexciya's Neptune's Lair. Actually I had noticed that someone else made the connection with Abu Qadim Haqq's artwork and the double vinyl and wanted to take a better shot. I was damn lucky to come across the cassette edition in Poland (not a bootleg, licensed to Outside Media), now wish I'd bought every one they had in stock! Neptune's Lair turned 20 this year too.