Saturday, June 08, 2019

Drexciya Special on Bass Agenda and more

This is a link for Bass Agenda's 3 hour Drexciya Special on Deep Space Radio. It was great being interviewed by Andy Barton and reminded that DRL has now been going for 15 years!

Part 1 - Interview & selections from Abdullah Qadim Haqq, the man behind the artwork for the seminal Neptune's Lair album and the forthcoming Book of Drexciya Vol 1.

Part 2 - Interview & selections from Stephen Rennicks, the man behind Drexciya Research Lab - the 'go to' resource for all things Drexciya and James Stinson/Gerald Donald related.

Part 3 - Interview with James Stinson, conducted and recorded by Andrew Duke in 1999, remastered by Alavux for Bass Agenda.

This is a new piece on Bandcamp, an excellent introductory guide to Drexciya's music by Albert Freeman.

I found the Aivina Vishnu Soundcloud, there are four tracks there not on the album on WeMe.

I asked a question on the DRL FB about who William Scott is (he is listed as 'liaison' and presented as a full member in the early Dopplereffekt records). One reader suggested one very interesting possibility. While it may just be a coincidence, a William Scott is said to have been the spark for the infamous Detroit riot of 1967, the legacy of which is still felt there to this day. It's a fascinating piece of Detroit's social history anyway.

Check out upcoming Dopplereffekt and Arpanet shows.

Great interview with DJ and producer Elena Sizova (Der Zyklus Renormalon collaborator).



Fucking love it..........only just found this on soundcloud.......FUCKING LOVE IT.....

11:22 PM  

Hello,,, can I pick your brain please..

There is a couple of tracks on there I have never heard before. Is there a track listing anywhere?
1:57:20..... where did the spoken word come from?


9:32 AM  
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