Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Heinrich Mueller & Aina - Transforma album on WeMe Records and more

There is a new collaborative album, Transforma, between Heinrich Mueller and Aina upcoming on WeMe Records. It will be available as a double vinyl set on orange vinyl. I'm not sure who the other artist is (send me a link for their music if you know) but collectively they are using the name, Aivina Vishnu. You can listen to clips of all the tracks and pre-order direct from WeMe only. Artwork is by Annika Hippler. Shipping on 2nd May. 

There is a re-press of Drexciya's Digital Tsunami 12" EP from 2001 in the works by Tresor. Clone are listing it as in stock as well as the usual places too.

There are a few Dopplereffekt and Arpanet live dates upcoming, check links for each group.

'Victoria Lukas, our common and cosmic friend, received a few days ago the announcement of a cancer recurrence, which had already visited her body three years ago. The multiple chemotherapy and surgery sessions killed that first cancer ; but could not prevent its alarming return.'

Sending Victoria (Zerkalo) best wishes for her recovery. There is a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for her expenses, full details at link.

Fans of Zerkalo can also now join this new Facebook group set up by Victoria Lukas. Some great insights to their working process and concept so far.

James Stinson and Gerald Donald met each other while students at Charles Kettering High School on the east-side of Detroit. Don't expect any plaques to commemorate this however as since 2012 its become one more of the cities many abandoned buildings. It was quite an impressive and sprawling campus in its day though as this link explains. Also check out the amazing video of the school today in comments.

It's not often that one of Heinrich Mueller's remixes/remodels gets a re-press but its been 10 years since the quite exceptional 'Celestial Sphere Mix' of Jason Fine's 'Human Need'. Available again on 10" with a mix by A Made Up Sound, on the Swedish label, Kontra-Musik/Ulf Eriksson. It's already in-stock at Juno.

You can find an excellent homage to Drexciya by the producer, Caltrop, on a cassette compilation from the Polish label, Laral Tapes.

I've been slowly updating and editing one of the very early posts on DRL from 2005. I have now compiled 10 interviews with James Stinson plus various quotes from other sources and divided them into various topics. It's quite long but is now easier to see where each quote comes from and there are links for his two zine Q&As and other stuff too. The interviews are...

Dave Mothersole (Melody Maker/Muzik 1995)
Tim Barr (Muzik 1997)
Tsutomu Noda (Ele-King/Straight No Chaser 1999)
Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks 1999)
Nick Phillips (Groovesmag 2001)
John Osselaer (Techno Tourist 2002)
Tim Pratt (Detroit Free Press 2002)
Derek Beere (Future BPM 2002)
Richard Brophy (Clubbing Dot Com 2002)
Liz Copeland (Detroit Public Radio 2002)

Lastly, there are more great new characters and illustrations by A Qadim Haqq on his Drexciyan Empire FB page. I particularly like Shauqo, who is 'one of the top students of Dr. Blowfin. Head of R.E.S.T. Laboratories', which was very kindly based on me! See image below.


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