Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Drexciya graphic novel target reached, Afrofuturism and the Myth of Drexciya film and more

This video interview with A Qadim Haqq from an Afrofuturism event in Greece in 2017 is really excellent. If you have the time the whole interview is worth watching but he talks quite extensively about working with Drexciya at 11mins and 26mins (this is the longest section on them). His Indiegogo campaign for a Drexciya graphic novel reached its target too. Thanks to all who contributed.

This is a link to a new and really excellent and informative 15 minute documentary type film, Afrofuturism and the Myth of Drexciya, about Drexciya and their link to Afrofuturism.

Heinrich Mueller and Beta Evers' new project, Dark Body Parameter, continues to bubble with a new video on their YouTube channel (now 5 in total). This project is really starting to grow on me.

"There's a few Drexciya/Stinson related tunes I love to open with but I think this one gets played the most, so full of emotion and anticipation, excites the crowd and makes it easy to follow with the next tune."

Glasgow based DJ and producer Maya Medvesek aka Nightwave picks Drexciya's 'C To The Power Of X + C To The Power Of X = MM = Unknown' for this great Clash Magazine piece about what tracks she uses to open a set with.

The line-up for Dekmantel has been announced and they have bagged a rare appearance by Arpanet. This festival happens in Amsterdam from 31st July to 4th August this year.

This is not your average mix featuring Drexciya, but one that uses their music and other artists to tell a story (English and Italian text and images available as a PDF at link in comments). The podcast was created a year ago by Ashed Thought. Text below...

'The idea of using the songs titles, to build a text that would illustrate the emotive tension of the podcast, derives from a Discogs review of The Other People Place’s album Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café, written by user Ron242 on the 5th of September, 2008. The Practice Of Death is the title of a drawing designed by Architect Prof. John Hejduk, taken from his book Soundings: a work by John Hejduk and published in Italy by Rizzoli in 1993, of which I am appropriated. Drexciya and John Hejduk have been two of my biggest inspirations over the last years.'

New all Drexciya mix from Brazil on Rádio Live Canoas.