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Dopplereffekt - Athanatos 12" on Leisure System +

There is a new 5 track Dopplereffekt 12"/digital download, Athanatos, on Leisure System soon. It also features contributions from 'fellow travellers' Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Olaf Bender. You can pre-order it at this Bandcamp link and listen to one track and watch visuals to go with it here. Athanatos means immortal when translated from Greek. Available from 26th October.

1. Athanatos
2. Hayflick Limit
3. Eukaryotic Chromosomes
4. Telomere
5. Mitosis

'Dopplereffekt’s unparalleled timeline extends with Athanatos, their fourth release for Leisure System. Advancing the considerations of growth and decay as presented on their Cellular Automata LP, the duo Rudolf Klorzeiger and To-Nhan here explore genetic conditions and chromosomal influences defining mortality, with partial data points presented in a rare collaboration with fellow travellers Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender.'.

Bit of a mystery for you. A remix/edit of Arpanet's 'Zero Volume' has been appearing in DJ sets by the likes of Marcel Dettman and DJ Hell. It is said to be on vinyl but a bootleg. This sped up version appears to have been made by Sterac aka Steve Rachmad with no official outlet in mind. Here is a link to a DJ set from April this year by Marcel Dettman which includes it. You can also now hear it at this YouTube link.

From what I can gather, the producer, Rene Wise, liked it so much he went to the trouble of making his own version of the remix in question and posted it on his Soundcloud account a year ago (now removed). The remix is pretty great and works really well for the dance-floor. Might it see an official release someday?

This is a James Stinson/Gerald Donald special from a few days ago on Intergalactic-fm by Moot (live from Chester, UK). Great stuff with informative between song links.

Arpanet are making their US debut at a Tresor in New York event on 6th October. The venue is in Brooklyn and the line up is amazing. If you can get there this will be special.

Dopplereffekt have contributed to the soundtrack of a new French film, Climax, with 'Superior Race' and 'Technic 1200'.'

Historic Detour:  At least 5 years before Dopplereffekt would begin to regularly play live in Europe, they were listed to perform a show in 2001 with Ultradyne in the old UR building at 2030 Grand River, Detroit. This had been organised to tie-in with the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (now known as Movement). This show must also be the one that Drexciya were supposed to play at (as surprise guests?) but it got cancelled by the Police at the last minute. UR's Mike Banks spoke about it in, Infinite Journey To Inner Space: The Drexciya Legacy, by Mike Rubin for RBMA.

'The group apparently recorded their music live, but never played an actual concert, though there were plans for a Drexciya gig (on a bill along with Dopplereffekt and Ultradyne) during the 2001 Detroit Electronic Music Festival weekend. “I know they had rented a hall on Gratiot,” says Banks. “It was shaping up to be the after-party of the year, but they pulled no permits and the cops showed up. That’s about as close to a Drexciya live show that ever happened.”'

According to a Metro Times link close to the event date, the show may have been moved to Liberal Arts Gallery at 3361 Gratiot (this story doesn't list Drexciya either, see comments for link). Maybe they were using Shadowpusher as an alias? I can't find anything about this act.

This earlier forum message from Alex Lugo (now ex-Ultradyne) is the only other trace of it online and uses the original address.

Did this show really not happen, were any of you there or were planning to go, please comment.

Produced by: Fulcrum Innovations
Address: 2030 Grand River Detroit, MI 48226
Date and Time: May 27, 2001 10PM-6AM
Price: $20 in advance $20 at the door
Lineup: Live Dopplereffekt, Tresor, Gigolo, Detroit
Ultradyne, Pi Gao Movement
Tangible, Pi Gao Movement, Detroit
Shadowpusher, Detroit
Adam X, Sonic Groove, NYC
Heather Heart, Sonic Groove, NYC
Luna, NYEX, Up & Under, NYC
Johanna Constantine, NYC


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