Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Drexciya Day 2018 and more

There will be a Drexciya Day/tribute event in London on Sat 1st Sept, Cambridge on 1st Sept,  Tallinn, Estonia on 1st Sept, Vienna on 5th Sept, Glasgow on Friday 14th September, Rome on 7th September and Manchester on Sat 8th September. I wasn't sure if I should suggest doing this again this year but as fans have already taken the initiative (like Dublin fans last year) maybe more of you would like to organise your own events around the world. Last year there were tributes in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin, Rome and on radio.
Like last time, this doesn't need to be something big, just a party in a bar or cafe will do, something to celebrate James Stinson's life and Drexciya on or close to 3rd September. This year will be the 16th anniversary of his death. If anyone wants to organise such an event please let me know and I will be very happy to share it. Email me details or contact me through the DRL FB page.
Dopplereffekt play their first show in Istanbul, Turkey as part of a Red Bull Music festival there. They play on 29th September. They also have a show in Estonia on 24th August. 
Das Heise Experiment 2 by The Exaltics on Solar One Music is finally available. This album features one collaborative track with Heinrich Mueller aka Rudolf Klorzeiger. It looks like an amazing package as usual. Available on Bandcamp and in stores according to The Exaltics FB page.
There is a great new Drexciya themed mix here
'Death in Vegas are huge fans of Gerald Donald in all his forms. He chose to 'reproduce' Metal Box, keeping certain elements of the original field recordings, the sounds of the Steel Factory opposite Drone's studio, the incessant drones from the planes landing at City Airport and the dial tones of the studio's VHF radio and layered over these with his own sonic tapestry.'
Heinrich Mueller under his Rudolf Klorzeiger alias has remixed an epic 10 minute version of 'Metal Box' (Mercury Box Rework) by Death In Vegas. The original can be found on their Transmission (2016) album. You will find it on the remix 12", You Disco I Freak. This one sneaked under the radar and has been available since April 2018. You can hear a generous snippet of it and purchase at this link and at Juno.
There have been loads more great images and info by Abdul Haqq about Drexciya over at his page, The Drexciyan Empire, which is about, 'The art of Drexciya. The concepts based on the origin story, the songs and label writings and from my work on Neptune's Lair.'


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