Sunday, May 13, 2018

Transllusion - A Moment of Insanity 12" on Clone Aqualung, Dopplereffekt on Rinse FM and more

It appears that Clone Aqualung have a new 12" by Transllusion upcoming or even out now. The EP, A Moment of Insanity, features four tracks, 'Moment 1 - 4'. I presume this is more unreleased material they have been given access to. However, there is no mention of the release on any of Clone websites. I contacted the person who submitted it to Discogs and they told me they bought it direct from Clone's shop in Rotterdam. For now that might be the only place you can purchase it. If anyone else knows more about this mysterious release please share what you know, thanks

You can download the Dopplereffekt mix from 12th May from Clone's takeover of Rinse FM here. There is no track list but he played music by Black Replica, Beta Evers and Dopplereffekt/Arpanet. It starts off with what sounds like dialogue from Dopplereffekt's Entropy show.

Between now and August there are currently five Dopplereffekt shows confirmed, check out this Resident advisor link for details. The only upcoming Arpanet show I know of is set for May 30th in Austria. Dopplereffekt will be playing in Australia on 30th June and the artwork is brilliant, I've cropped the drawing of them from it below.

Some of you will enjoy this two part article I wrote about the Dublin electronic group Decal for Abstract Analogue


Anonymous Hrrjn said...

Grabbed two copies on saturday, there were a whole bunch of them on display in the Clone store. Took like 5 seconds to find. Store only for now, but it'll be out properly later is what they told me.

Four tracks, somewhere between Mind Over Matter EP and L.I.F.E. album.

Here's two crappy photos I took:

9:52 AM  
Blogger Stephen said...

Thanks for link and info. You were lucky to get one.

3:38 PM  

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