Thursday, June 29, 2017

Infinite Journey to Inner Space: The Legacy of Drexciya: RBMA and more

There is quite an epic article about Drexciya and their legacy by Mike Rubin at Red Bull Music Academy. There are lots of brand new interviews with people like Brendan M. Gillen, Dan Bell, Frankie Fultz, Liz Warner (Liz Copeland of WDET FM), Cornelius Harris, Carola Stoiber (Tresor), Serge (Clone), Abdul Haqq, Kodwo Eshun, Mike Banks, Greg Tate and more. Even I was interviewed! There are great illustrations by Mark Dancey too. Some very interesting new information, lots to digest.

A new Dopplereffekt live show has just been announced. They are on the bill for the opening event of the Present Perfect festival in St. Petersburg, Russia on 28th July. Actress and Clock DVA are also in the line-up. Dopplereffekt also have an upcoming Berlin show on 7th July at Tresor with DJ Stingray, The Exaltics, Helena Hauff and more over 3 stages, great line-up. The night is also to launch the DJ Stingray mixed Kern Vol. 4 on Tresor which features tracks by Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, NRSB-11 and many more.

If you have pre-ordered Jack People's, Laptop Cafe, you may have gotten a message, as I did today, that 'the release date has been pushed back for all stores and is not set to be released until the week commencing 10th July.' This is not surprising with what I hear about pressing plant delays these days. Just a little longer to wait then for this unreleased James Stinson project. I am sure it will be worth the wait, samples here.

I found this video overview of Sonar 2017, you can catch 30 seconds worth of Dopplereffekt live at the 6min 18sec mark. Looks good and sounds like a new female led vocal track.


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