Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Doplereffekt - Cellular Automata video and Entropy live shows

Dopplereffekt will be playing a very prestigious day event at this years Sonar festival in Barcelona, Spain on 15th June. It is one of their rare Entropy multi-media shows. Surprisingly this will be the first time they have played at this cutting edge festival.  Full details of show here.

It looks like there will be a free Entropy show in London on 6th June, you just need to book a place at this link. I don't know if Dopplereffekt will be appearing live, they are not on the poster but the second part looks to be the full Entropy show so maybe they are, unless they use a recording. Decide for yourself, if I was in London I would book a ticket for sure! It still looks very interesting though, the full text for the event is as follows...

The Event consists of two parts each an hour long:

(1) three short talks by young cosmologists about dark energy and dark matter, and how to measure it, followed by a question and answer session. The talks will highlight the excitement of working in this field, and will be pitched at a level accessible for the interested general public. The event will be hosted by Prof Lucie Green;

(2) a production in images, music and narrative called "Entropy – an immersive cosmic journey that tells the epic life story of the universe and its stars.". The narrator is Dr Dida Markovič, and the production is staged by Antivj artists, with a team of creative coders lead by Elie Zananiri and Arturo Castro and music composed by Dopplerffekt.

Leisure System have posted a 37+ minute video which contains visuals for the entire Cellular Automata album by Dopplereffekt. Enjoy your trip!

Dopplereffekt are no longer on the bill for this years Movement festival in their hometown of Detroit at the end of May due to Visa issues according to this post by booking agent, LittleBig.

New Arpanet show just listed on Resident Advisor for Lyon, France on 5th May. Not too long to wait for those lucky enough to attend.

This is a 4 hour Drexciya special from Radio Spiel-Trieb, from September 2007, that has been recently uploaded to Soundcloud.

After a long wait the WeMe website is up and running again. If you look at their catalogue they have a few Heinrich Mueller related releases at very decent prices, including the clear vinyl edition of the Der Zyklus album, Remormalon, for instance. A few nice test pressings left too and releases by DJ Stingray, worth a look