Friday, April 14, 2017

Straight No Chaser UR & Drexciya 1999 interview

Very many thanks to one of my readers who sent me a scan of the Underground Resistance article from the Summer 1999 issue of the now defunct UK magazine, Straight No Chaser. Here I've included just the Drexciya quotes and images, including a new image (to me) of James Stinson standing with other UR members. This inspiring piece was written by Tsutomu Noda and originally published in Japans's Ele-King magazine.

As I've never seen the original online before and think it's well worth sharing, I've created a public GoogleDrive folder to host the full scan (look in the 1999 folder and use link below). From now on I will also be adding other Drexciya/Heinrich Mueller press articles, record info sheets and any other printed matter pertaining to them in this folder for all to share and find more easily (please send me anything I don't have). I also found a great interview with Tsutomu Noda by Derrick May.


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