Friday, March 03, 2017

Searching for the lost 1999 Etronik Drexciya interview

There is a lost James Stinson/Drexciya interview from 1999 with Etronik, an Irish online electronic music magazine. It was conducted by Richard Brophy who would interview Stinson once more in 2001 for Clubbing dot com, a print magazine (see below for this interview, click to enlarge). Today when you search for the 1999 interview on the Wayback Machine you get a message that the page cannot be displayed due to robots.txt provisions. Maybe one of you saved it or know how to get access to it again. It would be brilliant to read and share it here. The link is as follows

This quote from Brophy, in a review he wrote of the first Transllusion album, explains what happened, "I interviewed Drexciya’s James Stinson twice. The first occasion was for the release of 1999’s Neptune’s Lair, the second was ahead of the original release of The Opening of the Cerebral Gate in 2001. Both interviews are no longer available; the first was published on a website that ceased operations in 2002, the second appeared in a print magazine that suffered the same fate around the same time. Stupidly, both pieces were on a computer that gave up the ghost and was not backed up."

In 2005 I used Stinson's quotes from Brophy's interview for Clubbing Dot Com from 2001 (I have an original copy) for the Drexciya Speaks post, which compiles all of his quotes from interviews. Below, this is the first time I have archived and included the scan of that article here. Its been 18 years I know but I would love to share that Etronik interview here as well someday, check your hard-drives!


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