Friday, March 10, 2017

Daughter Produkt, Drexciya, The Other People Place, tributes and more

You can listen and download Heinrich Mueller's latest track, 'Direction Asymmetry' under his newly resurrected alias, Daughter Produkt, at this link. You will find it on the Dreamy Harbour 3LP compilation from Tresor. There is a great sample/vocal used, it must be one of his eeriest tracks for sure, love it.

There is a 2 minute sample of Heinrich Mueller's dreamy 'Lamb Shift Model' version of 'Where Did He Go … And Why' by As One from the 6 LP boxset, Brainbox, on De:Tuned from 2016.

A new live show for Dopplereffekt has been announced. They will play on 18th March in Vienna, Austria at what looks like a 5 year anniversary for a club night there. There are now 7 upcoming Dopplereffekt shows and 2 for Arpanet (click on links for the Resident Advisor list for each act)

The still travelling group art exhibition, The Ocean After Nature, which features a cabinet of Drexciya artefacts and The Otolith Group's, Hydra Decapita, film (which references the Drexciyan mythos) is now on show at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, USA until March 18th of this year. Details of the full programme and all the artists involved at this link.

"...I eventually ran a search for them and the first file that came up was an MP3 that turned out to be The Journey Home from their 1995 EP on Warp. It blew my mind. Creatively it was like nothing I had ever heard because at that point I was into mainstream house and trance. It was the equivalent of an Abba fan hearing Larry Levan for the first time. I’d never really heard much dance music made on analogue machines before, at least not music that had so much feeling."

This is a refreshingly personal piece written by DJ Jackmaster (Numbers label) about how he first encountered Drexciya and fell in love with The Other People Place album in particular. He lists his 5 favourite Drexciya related tracks as well.

While it's not '700 Million Light Years From Earth', but only a mere 39 light years away, the discovery of the Trappist-1 system is a nice coincidence considering the upcoming reissue of Drexciya's Grava 4. We could imagine it as part of the Drexciya Home Universe however, there is even a dwarf star at the centre of its 7 planets as foretold on 'White Dwarf' on the Shifted Phases album from their 7 album Storm Series. NASA even believe there might be water there!

The brilliant UK DJ and producer Dez Williams included this Drexciya tribute, 'Stinsoninspiration', on his Happiness is Pain album in 2014 on Transient Force (listen on YouTube here). This was a digital release and I actually can't find where you can still download it from but YouTube has most of the tracks.

'Drexion Caves' is a very nice Drexciya tribute from 2003 by $tinkworx aka US producer JT Stewart. The track appears on an EP of the same name on Keynote, listen here.

I've often wondered if 'Other People' by the mysterious Detroit in Effect was a tribute or reference to The Other People Place. The track is included on their 12", The Men You Never See Part 2, on Clone in 2003. I love it and still have it on vinyl. If you are into Drexciya or early Dopplereffekt you will probably love going down the D.I.E. rabbit-hole and this EP is a great place to start (must be time for a re-press too).

This above was a post I put up on the DRL Facebook page a month or so ago and DJ Maaco from D.I.E. kindly got in touch to resolve the question, "Nah, The Men You Never See predates The Other People Place by a few years. The first time I learned of Stinson was around mid 2000's when I was introduced to Lab Rat while performing in Germany! The People From The Other Side are beings from another realm that can control your emotions through sound!"

There is a Helena Hauff Essential Mix from BBC Radio 1 with great tracks by Drexciya. DJ Stingray, Urban Tribe, The Exaltics, Photodementia, Aux 88, DMX Krew and tons more you will probably like. She is quite the Drexciya fan.

"I guess one night I was playing some Drexciya and he heard it, so he came down to the club. He introduced himself and said, ‘My name is James, I appreciate that you’re playing Detroit shit on the radio’. And he broke out. He came back a couple more times. After the second time I realised who he was. Then I’d see him around the city and it was a whole different vibe. I liked the way he wasn’t running around with a Drexciya T-shirt and saying his last name to everyone he met, with a UR headband on. It was really dope. It made it completely about the music.”
This is just part of a great DJ Bone interview over at FACT magazine now.

I've been sent a link for a recent petition set up by a fan, for Tresor to re-press the album by Shifted Phases, The Cosmic Memoirs Of The Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope (2002). Even though the album was re-pressed in about 2009, this double vinyl album currently sells for at least 100 euro on Discogs. A similar previous petition to re-press The Other People Place album could well have encouraged Warp to make their decision, so it could work.

For archival purposes, these are screen grabs of James Stinson's Ride Dimensional Waves website (below, click to enlarge). He made this very simple 1 page site back in 2001 using Geocities through Yahoo. When Geocities stopped operating it was hosted on a website by a fan, which in turn has also become inaccessible. The page can be still read through the original address through the Wayback Machine however. I forget how I originally found the link, as it's not mentioned on any of their records, probably through a search engine, but I do recall that the text, 'Ride The Wave', would follow your cursor when it was still working. It was also very cool to know that records by Lab Rat XL, Shifted Phases and Abstract Thought were going to be released way before they were (I got to bug people in record shops to keep an eye out for them on order sheets).

“Open your mind to another time, place and dimension. Feel electronic music in a way you may have never felt before.”

This beautiful instruction was also used in the Rephlex press release for Transllusion's L.I.F.E. album, which makes it doubly surprising that the record is not actually listed here. Perhaps it was one of the last albums of the Storm Series Stinson completed, even though the tracks on Lab Rat XL were never titled, which makes it appear to be the last one. I always regret that I didn't send an email to one of the many email addresses here, as it implies that he was very open to communication at this time. If you read the text closely there are plenty of unanswered questions too. For example, I've always wondered if there are unreleased tracks by Digital Aphrodisiac to be found in his archive, what was planned to be released on Isophlux Records and how advanced were their plans for the Deepfits clothing line? Sadly, he died just 3 months after his last update of the site.


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