Thursday, November 17, 2016

Heinrich Mueller remodels As One on Brainbox plus much more

There is a new Heinrich Mueller remodel of 'Where Did He Go... And Why', by As One upcoming soon. It can be found on a 6 LP boxset, Brainbox, a compilation due for release on the De:Tuned label on 18th November in an edition of 300. Great to see Mueller working on material by the great Kirk Degiorgio, As One is one of his many aliases. Here is a sample of his remodel of 'Where Did He Go... And Why'. Order record from Juno and other places online.

Just to give you a heads up so you can secure early bird tickets, Dopplereffekt are on the bill for Safe as Milk festival, in Wales, UK, which will run from 21st to 23rd April 2017. More details here.

It looks like there has either been a re-press or a box of them have shown up somewhere, but Drexciya's Hydro Doorways (2000) and Digital Tsunami (2001) EPs, both on Tresor, have shown up. At least two online retailers, Japhy and Juno (see comments for link) have got new copies at reasonable prices anyways.

This is a link to a newly published academic paper, 'DEEP SEA DWELLERS: Drexciya and the Sonic Third Space' by Nettrice R. Gaskins. Abstract below:

'This article addresses the complex conceptual framework of Drexciya, an electronic music duo from Detroit who established an origin myth based on the Middle Passage, the route for ships carrying enslaved African people from one geographical location to another across the Atlantic Ocean. Whereas the origin myth of Plato’s Atlantis ends in a permanent submersion into the sea, the world of Drexciya begins with the creation of an underwater country populated by the unborn children of pregnant African women thrown off of slave ships. Drexciya exists as a sonic third space characterised by embedded myths, the construction of culture and the invention of tradition. I will highlight the development of this sonic fiction that spans several decades, influencing many artists, musicians and scholars, by focusing on the Drexciyan concept of an intercultural, transnational network that shows the movement, migration, or scattering of people away from their homeland, and newly created spaces that transform identities and cultures. This article draws on obscure artist interviews and well-known sources about Drexciya, including essays by Kodwo Eshun and Ben Williams, while advancing the notion of non-physical, sonic islands that sit in spaces between the island and the ocean.'

I was invited by Turn It On to do a mix and decided to do (the first ever) Drexciya Research Lab mix. This was lots of fun, hope you enjoy it here.

This is a new show from France's 'The Beat Radio Show' "dedicated to Gerald Donald of the mythical group of Detroit, DREXCIYA". Some great tracks are selected, new and old.

There is a new 2 hour Gerald Donald special (broadcast live yesterday) made by VLR on their Soundcloud now, so many great tunes together in one amazing mix. 6 years ago VLR did their first 2 hour GD mix, still up on their Soundcloud.

A quality new vinyl only mix by German DJ Morri. "I mixed some of my personal favorite tracks by James Stinson and Gerald Donald aka DREXCIYA to create an underwater journey - dive in and enjoy the real vintage Detroit electro goodness."


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Tresor 25th anniversary Compilation including a DaughterProdukt track! 27th January release.

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This is aweesome

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