Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Replica videos, New Daughter Produkt and Heinrich Mueller's Conic Sections

The Black Replica revival starts here! Someone has shared the two original and still very mysterious and intriguing Black Replica (Heinrich Mueller and a still anonymous woman) videos from 2006 on YouTube. They were removed from the official Paradox Twin account in 2009 and have not been seen since. 'Mathematical Eyes' was actually newly uploaded about a year ago and 'Spider Theory' just 2 months ago. The video quality is lower than the original, which is kind of poetic after 10 years. Its been great to see some of the details of these videos again, as well as hearing the still timeless music. It reminds me so much of the spirit of 2006 when I was just beginning DRL and these MySpace projects came along not long after (incl Zwischenwelt, Zerkalo etc) and gave me so much to write about and share. About 2 years ago I revisited the story of Black Replica in this post.

Here's another blast from Gerald Donald's past, the very unexpected return of Daughter Produkt! A new track by them, 'Direction Asymmetry', is included on Dreamy Harbour, a new compilation of unreleased tracks due on Tresor soon on 3LP and CD. The press blurb says this about it, 'There's also room for a track from Daughter Produkt, a new project from Drexciya's Gerald Donald featuring two vocalists.' See more about Daughter Produkt from the DRL archives here. The project was originally launched in 2007 on MySpace in collaboration with Spanish producer Annie Hall. What next, the return of Noether Symmetry!

Heinrich Mueller was also recently commissioned to create music for an art exhibition, An Image, currently on show in Art Center South Florida, USA. The exhibition website appears to just play one of the sections of the piece, 'Conic Sections, but not all four. More details here, info about his contribution from their website below.

Heinrich Mueller-Dataphysix Renormalon
Conic Sections, 2016
TRT 30:30 minutes
This audio track, available on the wireless headphones inside
the gallery space and on the website, was produced by Heinrich
Mueller formerly of the Detroit techno group Drexciya. The
piece is divided into four 7 ½ minute movements (1: Plane-Cone
intersection; 2: Circle; 3: Ellipse; and 4: Parabola) that conjure
the image of a plane changing its angle while intersecting with
a cone, and thus generating various corresponding curves.

Arpanet will be playing live in Stockholm, Sweden on 3rd December and on 10th December in Brussels, Belgium.

There is an extremely good mix of only Heinrich Mueller remodels by kroniktronikboy and another great Drexciya themed mix from earlier this year which comes from Irish based producer and DJ Lerosa.


Anonymous Peter said...

Thank you for documenting and informing us on Donald Gerald's work and activities. I have been a fan of Dopplereffekt ever since I bought Gesamtkunstwerk on vinyl back in the days. Last weekend I saw him perform live in Fuse (Brussels) as Arpanet. Keep up the amazing work here! Much appreciated!

10:47 AM  

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