Monday, October 10, 2016

Dopplereffekt Live, Underwater Montreal Show, Drexciya on UR's 'Cyberwolf' ? and more

There is a very special and unique Drexciya related event being held in Montreal, Canada on 23rd October as part of the RBMA Montréal festival. It's happening in an Olympic sized swimming pool and Dopplereffekt will be playing live and DJ Stingray will be playing what looks like a Drexciya only set. There are other artists on the bill and they will be using underwater speakers and you can be in the water and everything. It all sounds like something Drexciya would have dreamt up themselves, plus it's free. Click here to book tickets and details. Here is the blurb

'A custom-built Wet Sounds soundsystem will diffuse a specially commissioned work by Lorenzo Senni, a live set by Dopplereffekt and an all-Drexciya DJ Stingray set through a network of speakers located under the water, at the surface of the pool and – for those who don’t want to get their feet wet – a dedicated dancing space. We invite you to step inside the Aqua Worm Hole.'

Just before this there is another unique sounding show with Dopplereffekt playing live inside Bristol's Planetarium on 19th October. More details here.

There are two more upcoming Dopplereffekt live shows, one in Amsterdam 22nd October and London on 5th November.

Lastly for now there is a rare Arpanet show scheduled for Edinburgh, Scotland on 25th November.

One of the great things about Drexciya is that even after 20 years and more there are still things to discover about them. One of my readers just spotted that they are mentioned in the label artwork (see comments) for UR's Acid Rain III Meteor Shower 12" from 1993. While I can't hear any Drexciyan type signatures on the track in question, 'Cyberwolf', they must have been involved to some degree if you go by the text. Listen to track on YouTube here and decide for yourself.

"Cyberwolf" -The hunt continues; after landing on asteroid 909, with its liquid nitrogen based eco-system which have for eons been a stronghold of the Drexciyan forces, due to their being the only lifeforms capable of withstanding 909's violent, harsh weather conditions. The resistance teams, with their old allies Drexciya join forces and launch "The Cyberwolf" against the programmers. This hunter, killer designed by "generator" has had great success for the UR forces in their raids against the programmers in the void. Cyberwolf will aid UR's crossing of the asteroid belt by seeking out and destroying enemy probes launched from Jupiter. Launched 02.22.94

This is a link to a new 3 and a half hour radio show about the music of James Stinson and Drexciya. If you can understand Spanish you are in for a treat; the appeal of Drexciya is larger than ever and truly international.

The first recorded interview with Gerald Donald aka Heinrich Mueller can be found on the 'Fireside Chat' series by Red Bull Music Academy Radio. It's from August 2010 and previously it had a different link but now you can find it in full here.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and listen to a master. DJ Stingray with a brilliant new mix, with lots of Drexciya and Mueller tracks. There is also a short interview with him about the mix here.

If you are a fan of Zerkalo, then Victoria Lukas has a solo project, Inkamera, that you will probably really like as well. Last Known Trajectory are releasing, Time Rewind, a six track 12" EP, soon and you can listen to a preview of all the tracks and order it here.

This super smooth track, 'Drexciya Is Playing at My House', is from Beat Detectives 2013 album, Music 2. Available on cassette and download only. Links to purchase and sample its other tracks on Bleep here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems unfortunately red bull fireside chat with Gerald cannot be played. It has aired and cannot be replayed. no archive?

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, its a great shame. I've spent several hours searching for it on the net, to no avail. Red Bull Radio have no plans to air it again, and nobody archived it either (at least it's not available anywhere on the net). The only recorded interview of Gerald Donald is currently lost. Shame on red Bull.

2:03 PM  
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