Thursday, August 25, 2016

Zwischenwelt vinyl, Dopplereffekt live shows and more

The much delayed first ever vinyl edition of Zwischenwelt's Paranormale Aktivitat album is available now to order through Clone on their Drexciya related sublabel, Clone Aqualung (also available from Juno). Rephlex originally released it on CD only in 2011 and initially did advertise a vinyl edition, which was never released.

Dopplereffekt have two shows coming up in Australia in September. The Sydney show on 10th September had already been announced but now they will be playing the night before in Melbourne. Xosar from Germany play live support at both nights. The shows are sponsored by Red Bull Music Academy.

It looks like another of the Dopplereffekt Entropy shows is now scheduled for The Hague, Netherlands during the TodaysArt festival from 22nd - 25th September. They are listed as Dopplereffekt + Antivj + scientists and artist-coders [INT]. See link for more details.

Dopplereffekt are also live special guests of Dave Clarke at his Whip It club night at the Melkweg, Amsterdam, Holland on 22nd October. I've always felt that Dave Clarke's inclusion of Dopplereffekt and Elecktroids on his now classic compilation, X-Mix: Electro Boogie, in 1996 must have won them a massive new audience at the time. Nice to see them hooking up again, the show has a really great line-up too. Details and tickets at this link.

By the way, this is a useful link to one of Dopplereffekt's live booking agents, LittleBig. They are listing most of their upcoming dates on their page there.

If you are a fan of Zwischenwelt's Beta Evers you may like her vocal contribution to 'Zunächst' by Italian producer Federico Leocata on his latest 12" of the same name on Central Processing Unit. Listen to all tracks from his EP at this link.

A new and very focused Der Zyklus only DJ mix (2004 and onward) with very high quality audio and loads of rarities, from UK producer DKSD50. Recommended.

Check out 'The Stinson Effect' tribute from the new CN 12" EP, Obscure Fragments, on the Sleepers label. 3rd track in player.


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Zwischenwelt now also finally available from Juno Records

Waited so long for this vinyl release.

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