Thursday, April 07, 2016

Heinrich Mueller on Hubble Telescope Series

Germany's SolarOneMusic will be releasing a split album with Heinrich Mueller and Robert Witschakowski aka The Exaltics. Uniquely Mueller will be represented by 3 tracks under his Der Zyklus, Rudolf Klorzeiger and Heinrich Mueller aliases, as will Witschakowski who records as The Exaltics, Crotaphytus and Robert Heise. The project is part 3 of the label's 'Hubble Telescope Series' and is called 'Project STS-31-Spiralgalaxie'. Previously Mueller has done a Dopplereffekt remix for The Exaltics which also came out on SolarOneMuisc in 2015 (details here). It will be released in late summer 2016 as a 12", CD incl. bonus tracks, digital and 100 copies in a limited Box set. You can hear what sounds like a snippet of what might well be one of Mueller's tracks at this YouTube link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Unknown said...

Double plus good on both the new releases....whenever they know what its like.

The WEME mini album is now listed on Juno as forthcoming in June....with any luck.

And STILL no sign of the Zwischenwelt vinyl release yet?

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