Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Der Zyklus - Renormalon album on WeMe

WeMe Records will be releasing a new Der Zyklus album, Renormalon, sometime in 2016. This Belgium label has gradually built a strong relationship with Heinrich Mueller and since 2009 have released the following records related to him: a split 12" with DJ Stingray on Drexciyan Connection 12", Gedankenexperiment - Experiment Defined 12" (2010), Der Zyklus - Krypton 84 12" EP (2012), NRSB-11 - Commodified CD/2LP (2013) and most recently an exclusive Der Zyklus track, 'T4', was included on their double LP 10 year anniversary compilation, WeMe Ans, in 2014.

I asked the label for any information about the forthcoming release and they sent me the titles below. There is no other information about the release online at present. They have released a short video on the WeMe Facebook of a track playing from a white label copy though. The only other thing I can tell you about the album title is that in physics, a renormalon is a particular source of divergence seen in perturbative approximations to quantum field theories.

Der Zyklus - Renormalon WeMe313.12 LP 45rpm

Side 1
Visible Spectrum
Interference Pattern
Spatial Multiplexing

Side 2
Optical Distortion

I made a YouTube playlist for the now very rare and expensive Abstract Thought album, Hypothetical Situations, for your easy listening pleasure. I also made a playlist for the all 7 of the unreleased Black Replica tracks which I hope will be useful. I will keep an eye on them and update the lists if a track gets removed.

Currently there are 3 upcoming live Dopplereffekt shows I know about. One is a festival in Nantes, France at the end of March, then Rome, Italy at the Nowhere Festival in April and the Visions 2016 Festival in France during August.