Sunday, January 10, 2016

Zwischenwelt Telekinesis video, Noether Symmetry and more

There is a new video for 'Telekinesis (Nina Kulagina)' by Zwischenwelt (video was developed by Heinrich Mueller & Beta Evers) which is a track included on their album. It was posted on member Beta Evers channel and she states that a 12" vinyl is to be released on Clone Aqualung in 2016. I'm not 100% sure if she means a new 12" single including 'Telekinesis' or is simply referring to the vinyl of their album, Paranormale Activitat, which is due to be reissued by Clone soon. Hopefully there will be some new material as well if it is the former, time will tell.

Over on Aphex Twin's Soundcloud he has been posting YouTube links to some of his favourite tracks and the latest one was the Dopplereffekt and Visonia collaboration, 'Die Riesen', from 2013. He has spoken in the past of wanting to collaborate with Heinrich Mueller. His incredible list of tracks can be viewed and watched at this link.

I missed this insightful article until now (it has some great music selections too) from last year by Antoin Lindsay for Thump to mark the 13th anniversary of James Stinson's passing.

For me one of the most mysterious and unresolved rabbit holes in the Heinrich Mueller multiverse remains Noether Symmetry. While it's quite possible he had nothing to do with this short lived 2009 MySpace project, at the time it certainly appeared to me to have many of the hallmarks of Mueller involvement and to be following a similar path to Black Replica, Zwischenwelt, Zerkalo and Daughter Produkt (his other collaborative MySpace projects of the time). Noether Symmetry never used his name or tried to hoax fans but their aesthetic and the remarkably familiar production and sheer quality of their tracks was the most obvious connections for me to Mueller. When its MySpace page was suddenly deleted in 2010 the music disappeared from the internet and as time passed it looked like no one had copied it to share elsewhere. I went searching a few days ago and found all 4 tracks hidden away with very few plays on a YouTube channel since Jan 2014 (links below).

Regardless of whether Mueller had direct or indirect involvement or was somehow associated or not, the music continues to sound incredibly good in my opinion. 'Geiger Count' most obviously sounds like Japanese Telecom circa Virtual Geisha and 'Half Life', with its female vocal, reminds me of Zwischenwelt. I've linked the tracks below for you to make up your own minds about. This link will bring you to a page grab of their original MySpace from the always useful Wayback Machine and here is a short piece I wrote about them previously (to go further down the rabbit hole type their name in the DRL search box and take it from there!). In case you wondered, their name comes from Emmy Noether, who was an influential German mathematician known for her ground-breaking contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics.