Monday, December 21, 2015

Der Zyklus 'H2 Region' included in the 808 Box and more

There is an exclusive track by Der Zyklus, 'H2 Region', included in the just released 808 Box aka Third Time Capsule on Alek Stark's  Fundamental Records. This is an 8X12" release of various artists with more than 50 tracks and lots of extra goodies. The Der Zyklus record is one of the extras of the box and is said to be 180 gram and one sided with glow in the dark artwork. This video link includes the original and the Alek Stark remodel. You can also listen to a 3 minute edit of the Der Zyklus track on Soundcloud. Zwischenwelt members Penelope Martin and Beta Evers also have tracks included in the box set. Much more information on this sure to highly collectable release here. Helpfully the following text about the 'H2 Region' accompanies the track on Soundcloud.

An H II region is a large, low-density cloud of partially ionized gas in which star formation has recently taken place. The short-lived blue stars forged in these regions emit copious amounts of ultraviolet light that ionize the surrounding gas. H II regions—sometimes several hundred light-years across—are often associated with giant molecular clouds. The first known H II region was the Orion Nebula, which was discovered in 1610 by Nicolas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc.

H II regions are named for the large amount of ionised atomic hydrogen they contain, referred to as H II, pronounced H-two by astronomers (an H I region being neutral atomic hydrogen, and H2 being molecular hydrogen). Such regions have extremely diverse shapes, because the distribution of the stars and gas inside them is irregular. They often appear clumpy and filamentary, sometimes showing bizarre shapes such as the Horsehead Nebula. H II regions may give birth to thousands of stars over a period of several million years. In the end, supernova explosions and strong stellar winds from the most massive stars in the resulting star cluster will disperse the gases of the H II region, leaving behind a cluster of birthed stars such as the Pleiades.

Dopplereffekt played their debut live show in Tel Aviv, Israel on 11th December which I only found out about afterwards. Nice poster though, below.

On the DRL Facebook I've been collecting Drexciya's press releases, amongst other things, in a public album. So far, thanks to other fans, there are 11, if you have others please scan and send it my way via FB or the email at the top of this page. My efforts were rewarded with a small piece at Fact Magazine.