Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Zwischenwelt LP reissue, Dopplereffekt live and more

Clone will be reissuing Zwischenwelt's debut album, Paranormale Activitat, for the first time on vinyl on their Clone Aqualung Series. Clone announced this pretty much the same day as their Clarence G reissue so I've waited until the dust and excitement about that has settled somewhat to do a piece about it here. The record is due sometime in December 2015 and was originally released by Rephlex in 2011 on CD only (the planned double vinyl was cancelled for some reason). Sadly the always incredible Rephlex is no longer in operation since then and their catalogue, including releases by Transllusion, Dopplereffekt and Arpanet, is out of press. Hopefully these records might also get to be reissued by another label someday but in the meantime samples from all of the songs from the Zwischenwelt album can be heard and it can be pre-ordered now from this Clone shop link as well as other places online Samples of the tracks are up on the Clone Soundcloud as well. There is also a new video made by member Susana Correia for 'Clairvoyant' from the album which can be viewed here.

Here's hoping this incredible album will get a new lease of life and maybe there will even be new music from this interesting project in the future. Zwischenwelt started as the second of Heinrich Mueller's collaborative MySpace projects in 2007 and featured Beta Evers, Penelope Martin and Susana Correia. They were quite active with new tracks and videos within this first year and there was enough material for me to write quite an extensive article for DRL about them at the end of 2008. For latest info check the Zwischenwelt Facebook page here.

I know of three Dopplereffekt live shows scheduled for November starting with what looks like a really interesting festival event in Paris on 14th November, then club shows in London on 19th and the Netherlands on the 27th.

Zerkalo's Victoria Lukas has been very busy in the studio and has two new tracks with Manfred Kovacic, 'Little Beliefs' and 'Four & a Hair' online. More are promised and they have set up a YouTube channel for this project. Her latest collaboration with Jauzas The Shining can also be viewed with a brilliantly simple video made by Lukas at this link.

While it has been up a long time now I haven't shared it here before that Drexciya's 'Dr. Blowfins Experiment' can be heard at this YouTube link. This 1997 12", Uncharted, was only available from the actual UR record store on the Somewhere in Detroit label and is now very rare. This track is off the hook by the way and was not included on the Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller compilations which is why it is still worth big bucks on Discogs (one has sold there for over 400 euro). This video also includes the short untitled track that finishes off the vinyl side.

I'm really pleased with the response and reach of the DRL Facebook (over 500 likes so far, thanks) and am glad I happened to launch it at such an interesting time with the new Der Zyklus EP and these latest reissues so there has been lots of new and old stuff to post there. Check it out.


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Just to let people know the Dollska ep is now available for download in digital format, finally! From Junodownload and other places like iTunes (spawn of the devil)I recommend Juno as the itunes link from Kissa records just takes you to the itunes home page....why? Too much trouble to link it correctly?
mp3 flac or wav from juno :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Zwischenwelt video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hgbfq-7-REM

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