Wednesday, September 16, 2015

X-Ternal Pulse - Crossphaze (1993)

X-Ternal pulse were a mysterious one-off and one track project involving Drexciya released on Dan Bell's Accelerate label in 1993 on The Silicon Ghetto EP Vol.3. I briefly mentioned this in a very early post back in 2005 about some of Drexciya and Heinrich Mueller's lesser known aliases but I never revisited the subject until now. It is a rare 12" these days which I don't have a copy of myself so when I went looking for the track, Crossphaze, on YouTube I was kind of surprised it wasn't there by now. I did however locate a 2 minute extract from a Podcast mix by Brendan M. Gillen of Ectomorph and thought it was worth archiving even this fragment on YouTube for more easy access by all. It does give a good feel for the track at least and hopefully someone will upload the full length version someday and I can link to it from this post. The full length is now up and can be viewed at this link. For the mix text Gillen refers to the track as being by "The living half of Drexciya" (Gerald Donald solo?). X-Ternal Pulse is also thought to have been a collaboration with Ultradyne (Discogs lists it as an Ultradyne project) but it does sound very like an early version of Drexciya's 'Wave Jumper' from the following year so it's anyone's guess who was at the controls.

'Perspective Grid' from the new Der Zyklus EP can be listened to at this exclusive MixMag Soundcloud link.

Drexciya's 'Unknown Journey IX' can be listened to in full at this Clone Soundcloud link.

There is new mix of Drexciya's music at this Soundcloud link which covers their lifespan and may serve as a good introduction for newcomers. 


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Glad too see you have the full version now ;)

Der Zyklus - Axonometric EP now available as digital download (mp2/wav)from Junodownload for all you digital only heads. Full release is £4.99 in wav, which has to be the best format.

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