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Der Zyklus - Axonometric EP

There will be a new Der Zyklus EP, Axonometric, released on September 15th 2015 on 12" and download. This will be the first new standalone 12" under this name since Krypton 84 in 2012 on WeMe Records. It will be on Zone Records which was set up by The Hacker and Alexandre Reynaud in 2009. Heinrich Mueller has a long connection with The Hacker aka Michel Amato since at least 2000 when he remixed 'Fadin' Away' for The Hacker's remix EP of the same name which is still one of my favourites of Mueller's remix/remodel work. They have also featured on many live bills together over the years and it's great to see them connected together again in this way. There is some sort of joint deal between Zone and The Vinyl Factory for the 12" release with a news item on the latter's website stating that the artwork will glow in the dark. The tracks are entitled, 'Perspective Grid', 'Plan Oblique', 'Isometric Projection' and 'Explosion Diagram'. These titles and 'Axonometric' itself all appear to tie-in with a theme of design and representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions (an example of which can be seen in the cover artwork). For more on what is known as axonometric projection click here.

'Isometric Projection' can now be listened to at this link and you can pre-order the 12" from The Vinyl Factory. Only 300 are being pressed.

I also found that the below Mueller quote that Zone must have used on their press release actually dates from 2005 and comes from what was possibly his very first interview. He gave it to Pawel Gzyl for a website based in Poland called Gazeta.

Electronic music is based on science and the scientific method is utilized in its creation. Theories and hypothesis are put forth and if they are practical and plausible they will tested to verify them. Some theories work and some don't, but no theory is considered too abstract. All is considered. The more radical the better.

There are no audio samples from the EP available just yet but keep an eye on the Zone Soundcloud, their Facebook page and DRL for updates.

It has also been announced that Dopplereffekt will play live at the Semi-Breve festival in Portugal during 30th Oct - 1st Nov.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another one :) and another long wait...killing me.
News on Junoplus too about this release, but no other news re the vinyl or download.
Nothing on Juno with pre order as yet...damn

mentions a possible new Zerkalo and Zwischenwelt release. Nice

9:22 PM  
Blogger - said...

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Exaltics EP is now being shipped, got mine this morning pre order from Rob Exaltic. Not sure if there is a digital download as such yet.

I suggest you grab a copy of the vinyl soon, once they are gone they will be for a while I reckon! Very nice too.

6:14 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Update: I spoke to Rob Exaltic about a possible digital download of the EP, he said they "dont usually do a digital version when a vinyl is available" but when my vinyl arrives if I email him he would send a link to a digital version. True to his word after I emailed a link was sent! "For my eyes only as I was so enthusiastic" very pleased :)

Still not sure if that means there is a digital version available for purchase, but no harm in asking IF YOU HAVE BOUGHT THE VINYL, you never know, he may help. It may appear on Juno-download at some point, but don't hold your breath.
Damn good it is too, nice tunes.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Available on pre order now, limited to 300 copies 180gm vinyl and special sleeve glow in the dark artwork...get em quick. Just bought mine and it cost £12.50 but with shipping and tax?!? was £20.45 Damn that sounds wrong but hey, only 300!!

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have found it on Spotify:

6:38 PM  

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