Thursday, April 02, 2015

New Drexciya 12" on Clone Aqualung

There is a new Drexciya 12" upcoming soon on the Clone Aqualung label. The two lead tracks are a longer 'Aqualung Version' of 'Black Sea' (from The Journey Home EP in 1995) and also an 'Aqualung Version "without the infamous skip" of 'Wavejumper' (from Aquatic Invasion 12" in 1995). This new version is actually pretty amazing! There is also one more unreleased 'Unknown Journey XI' (the 14th so far) for good measure. All in all it sounds like a nice package with hopefully more to follow in this fashion. You can listen to samples of all three songs now here (on the Clone site) or hear longer versions on their Soundcloud. This is the fourth release so far on this Clone sublabel dedicated to all things Drexciya related which has previously featured Der Zyklus and Zerkalo.

The audio-visual artist Andrey Ter-Grigorian recently launched an interesting low key web art project based around his own interpretation of The Other People Place album, Life Styles of the Laptop Cafe. It works by scanning QR codes to take you to the next page, you can also click your way through some of the pages too. Enjoy. My original article on this album and its place in the Storm Series can still be read here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

On April ninth two thousand fifteen a deep sea explorer found a place that remained unknown for a very long time. It is called Drexciya, a place where Human Beings adapted to underwater life. This music was found inside an abandoned studio in Lardossen.

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