Monday, April 13, 2015

Der Zyklus Biometry reissue

Clone Aqualung are reissuing the sole Der Zyklus album to date, Biometry, which was originally released in 2004 on one of their other sub-labels, DUB (Djax Up Bitch). It will be released again on 2LP and CD but in a new remastered cut for the vinyl (not sure if the CD will be remastered also) with no extra tracks. This has been out of press and going for crazy prices for a long time now. For some reason it has always seemed the CD was actually more hard to find than the vinyl version (I've never seen one myself) with currently only one each for sale on Discogs and Amazon for big money.  I have it on white vinyl but from this Discogs link I think this was the only version the vinyl came in (anyone with regular black copies out there?). Juno already have samples from the new version and are listing it as forthcoming. Clone also have it listed as upcoming on their main website too. It's very good to see this being made more widely available again. I wrote a piece about the album back in 2008.

I had to remove all of the old MySpace addresses and a few others in the side bar after I noticed MySpace have done something evil with the way these links work from some outside sites or just from the Blogger menu bar and would just take you straight to their main page instead. The links from within posts still work for some reason (for now). There are still some great tracks on these old MySpace sites of Zwischenwelt, Zerkalo, Gedankenexperiment, Vita, ArD2 etc, if you can find them and have the patience for the player to work. I know some people were having problems with the Black Replica player but I just checked it again and it does start to play, sometimes not immediately. The full Black Replica player link seems to work best from here, so try.

There is also a new two and a half hour Drexciya mix, Traxciya, up at this YouTube link.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

New Drexciya 12" on Clone Aqualung

There is a new Drexciya 12" upcoming soon on the Clone Aqualung label. The two lead tracks are a longer 'Aqualung Version' of 'Black Sea' (from The Journey Home EP in 1995) and also an 'Aqualung Version "without the infamous skip" of 'Wavejumper' (from Aquatic Invasion 12" in 1995). This new version is actually pretty amazing! There is also one more unreleased 'Unknown Journey XI' (the 14th so far) for good measure. All in all it sounds like a nice package with hopefully more to follow in this fashion. You can listen to samples of all three songs now here (on the Clone site) or hear longer versions on their Soundcloud. This is the fourth release so far on this Clone sublabel dedicated to all things Drexciya related which has previously featured Der Zyklus and Zerkalo.

The audio-visual artist Andrey Ter-Grigorian recently launched an interesting low key web art project based around his own interpretation of The Other People Place album, Life Styles of the Laptop Cafe. It works by scanning QR codes to take you to the next page, you can also click your way through some of the pages too. Enjoy. My original article on this album and its place in the Storm Series can still be read here.