Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Unofficial Merchandise

I knew there has been some unofficial Drexciya merchandise such as T-shirts available in the last few years but I was surprised when I did some research and found you can also get hoodies, mugs, iPhone cases and even pillow cases with their name and logo on them as well. This merchandise I found from at least three different companies that use the same Drexciya logo from the Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller series and in one case the album title as well. I would have thought that either Clone, UR or Drexciya would have held the copyright for this and could stop anyone from using it but I'm not sure of the law in this regard or if it would be worth their while to pursue it (the sales might not be that significant).  One of the companies producing them is called Bees Knees Tees and they also produce T-shirts, mugs etc with the names and logos of a lot of other techno artists as well. On their Ebay listing they do say "Unless otherwise stated, all items are 100% unofficial, and are in no way endorsed by, or affiliated with any of the people/personalities or companies stated." As Drexciya are bigger now than ever I think its worth posting this perhaps obvious information here in case you might not be aware of this and think that a percentage of your money might be going to Drexciya or James Stinson's estate. One of the reasons for this of course is that there are no official Drexciya T-shirts or other merchandise available to my knowledge, perhaps this will change someday. As tempting as it is to have a Drexciya mug in my life, until then I think it would be far cooler and much more interesting to make our own individual Drexciya shirts etc  or designs by hand. They couldn't be any worse than the one I just made below.  It might also make a great Xmas present for that special Drexciya fan in your life too.

In case you missed it a few weeks back I got a nice surprise while reading a recent and very techie Aphex Twin interview at Noyzelab (very sadly both parts of the interview have since been removed for some mysterious reason, see below) where he mentioned he would like to collaborate with Gerald Donald. Richard D. James has been a long-time fan of Drexciya and his label Rephlex were the first label after UR to licence material by them way back in 1994 with Drexciya 3 aka Molecular Enhancement 12". In later years they also put out albums by Transllusion, Dopplereffekt and Arpanet. The interview has since been archived here for part 1 and part 2.


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